2023 Gran Turismo World Finals Set in Barcelona

The motorsport world is buzzing with anticipation as the “Gran Turismo World Series” 2023 World Finals are set to kick off on December 1, 2023, in Barcelona. This prestigious event brings together top-ranking drivers from the Online Series, all vying for the coveted title of world champion. The competition, scheduled to run until December 3, promises high-octane excitement and showcases some of the best talents in virtual racing.

The World Finals will feature the much-awaited Grand Final races for three major cups: the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup, the Manufacturers Cup, and the Nations Cup. These events, each unique in its format and competition, will be streamed live from the venue, allowing fans worldwide to join in the thrill via the official ‘GRAN TURISMO TV’ YouTube channel and ‘Gran Turismo LIVE.’

One of the highlights of the Finals is the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2023 Grand Final, commencing on December 1. This race will see 21 of the finest drivers, selected from seven online qualifying rounds and local TGR activities, compete in a lineup of GR cars. Spanish star Coque López and other top drivers are set to participate, with the local Spanish contingent expected to make a strong showing.

The excitement continues on December 2 with the Manufacturers Cup Grand Final. This race will determine the world’s fastest automotive manufacturer, featuring the top 12 car brands from the Online Series. Each brand, including partners Toyota, Genesis, and Mazda, will be represented by a team of three drivers. This year’s lineup includes an array of formidable teams and drivers, such as the Subaru team seeking to avenge its loss to Porsche, and the rising North American star, Calen Roach, representing BMW.

The grand finale, the Nations Cup, is scheduled for December 3. It will feature 12 top-ranked countries from the 2023 Online Series, each represented by a team of three drivers. The Spanish team, with Coque López, Jose Serrano, and Pol Urra, is considered a strong contender, especially after their dominant performance at the Showdown in August.

In celebration of the World Finals, a special “Gran Turismo World Series Celebration Race” Event will be released on November 17, replicating the races from the World Series. This event offers a substantial in-game credit reward and is accessible to players with a Collector Level 6 or above.

As the world of virtual racing gears up for this spectacular event, the Gran Turismo World Series 2023 World Finals stand as a testament to the skill, strategy, and excitement that virtual motorsport brings to fans and players alike.

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