CAMMUS Simulator Racing Cockpit and Wheel

Cammus Sim Racing Rig

Sim racing equipment manufacturers just keep coming to the market. In the last two years this sector attracted a lot of different companies. Some of them existed before although they didn’t compete in the sim racing market. But probably none of them have a story like Cammus.

A few years ago Cammus created a real electric supercar – Titan. It’s totaly hand made and can reach a maximum speed of 260km/h. Titan goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds. However, they couldn’t sell those cars because of government regulations. Instead, they used the technology to creat electric Go-kart and sim racing equipment. 

It’s get even better. Specification of their products is really good. The wheel base DDWB 2021 produces a stunning 15Nm of torque. So why you didn’t hear about them? Probably because they’re concentrating mostly on the Chinese market. But they have plans to go abroad and compete with the best. 


Cammus offers a various sim racing equipment. From wheel base and steering to pedals and handbrakes, but a complete cockpit also. It’s not so often that sim racing manufacturers offer all parts of sim racing equipment. 

Just like other newcomers, Cammus tend to attract customers with lower prices. The only problem is that you can’t find all the specification for products. We take a look at what they have to offer.

CAMMUS Simulator Racing Cockpit

DDWB 2021 Wheel Base

First thing first – the wheel base. DDWB 2021 Wheel Base produces a stunning 15Nm of torque. It uses a Direct Drive – the best of Force FeedBack’s technology (found out more about Force FeedBack and Direct Drive in our previous article).

The design is not a strong suit of DDWB 2021 Wheel Base. It’s too large and it’s cheap looking buttons doesn’t look very well. 

However, there is another positive thing. DDWB 2021 Wheel Base has Plug and Play (Quick release) for easier installation and removal of the steering wheel. 

GT1 Racing Steering Wheel

At the first sight, GT1 Racing Steering Wheel looks quite good. But again, those “plasticky” looking buttons are hitting your eyes.

We don’t poses the information on which type of leather is used in the GT1 Racing Steering Wheel. But the magnetic shifters are making it definitely more attractive.  

CAMMUS GTS Racing Steering Wheel

CAMMUS also offers a Formula style wheel called CAMMUS GTS Racing Steering Wheel.

Other products

Cammus are also offering racing pedals with an interesting name – Racing Simulator Pedal. They are apparently Load Cell pedals and look quite well at the first sight. 

Like we mentioned before Cammus created their own cockpit, also with an interesting name – GT1 All Set. 

Have you already tried Cammus products? Let us know in a comment if you did and share your experience!

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