Thrustmaster T818 Is Here!

Features, Price And Compatibilities Thrustmaster has entered the Direct Drive market with the introduction of the T818 Direct Drive wheelbase, which was announced during a

Fanatec Black Friday

FANATEC Black Friday 2022 Deals

FANATEC announced their biggest Black Friday deals ever. Those deals would last until the next Friday (25th October 2022). So let’s check what they offer.

Direct Drive

Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel Review

Logitech released G Pro Racing Wheel and finally went pro. Not so different at the first sight compared to G series, but G Pro Racing


MOZA Racing – Wheelbases Overview

Gudsen MOZA, one of the leading manufacturers of camera stabilization systems for the videography industry, is just about to hit the sim racing market as

Budget Racing Wheel
Wheel Bases

Budget Racing Wheel – Buyers Guide

Sim Racing isn’t really a cheap hobby. Despite a gaming console or a PC and the videogame, you will probably need to invest some money