Did Wall Riding Make Damage System Worse in Gran Turismo 7?

Wall riding

A few days ago I did a video about the Wall Riding in Gran Turismo 7 and you can watch it on my YouTube Channel. So here I want to point out the main problems regarding the Wall Riding in a few words. 

This problem occurred during Round 2 of the Manufacturers Cup – Season 2 held on Saturday, 20 August at High Speed Ring. The problem with this round was that everyone was using this wall riding technique.  It didn’t give you penalty or damaged your car, but you were just quicker overall. 

It was so bad that even Polyphony Digital came across with this and made a statement. 

Polyphony Digital official statement

In response to the abuse of the penalty system in the GT1 League during Round 2 of the Manufacturers Cup, the GT7 Sport Mode Operations Team has set the individual points of all players found to have abused the system in Round 2 to “0”.

They’ve also stated that it’s strictly prohibited to use modified save data and game exploits, as well as unsportsmanlike behaviour in the Gran Turismo World Series. Furthermore, the GT7 Sport Mode Operations Team updated the “Forbidden Actions” sections listed in the “Gran Turismo World Series 2022 Overview” – “7. POINTS OF CAUTIONS” as follows:

Forbidden Actions:

– It is forbidden for a competitor to simultaneously participate in the same Championship and Season with multiple accounts.
– It is forbidden to participate using another person’s account for PlayStation®Network.
– It is forbidden for a competitor to intentionally support another player during a race where they are not part of the same team.
– It is forbidden for a competitor to exploit unintended gameplay mechanics and issues found in the software in order to gain any type of advantage.
– Unsportsmanlike conduct.

If players are found to be engaging in such forbidden activities, they will be dealt with accordingly, including but not limited to being banned from the Championships.

Effects on the Gran Turismo 7's gameplay

Definitely. Now, if you just touch the barriers, even slightly, you will pick up some kind of damage. It’s quite strict penalty system. Every time you even scrape the paint out of your car you would get a certain damage. You shouldn’t even touch the fence or a wall because you will end up with a damage. 

After a hit, even if it’s a tiny one, you will have a lot problems with breaking and steering. You just have to be extremely careful in every single situation and you just have to stay clean. 

In our opinion, this is good for the game. At least better than before. The most important thing is that the race will became cleaner. You will certainly think about it twice before making a dive bomb because it will cost you dearly. 

However, at some point this new system is quite extreme. It probably shouldn’t be that extreme and at this point we are not sure if there is going to be another upgrade to fix this.

Let us know in a comment what do you think about this!