EA SPORTS WRC 2023: Codemasters’ Rally Game Revolution

EA SPORTS WRC is a highly anticipated rally game releasing on 3rd November 2023. It is the result of a partnership between Electronic Arts and Codemasters, and it stands as the official game of the 2023 FIA World Rally Championship season. Here are the key points from the provided details:

Game Background and Development:

  • EA SPORTS WRC is based on the FIA World Rally Championship.
  • Developed by the Southam-based Codemasters team, known for the original Colin McRae Rally game.
  • The game will utilize the Unreal game engine.
  • EA SPORTS WRC development team is separate from the EA SPORTS F1 games and DIRT 5 teams.

Codemasters Rally Game History:

  • The lineage of Codemasters’ rally games began with “Colin McRae Rally” in 1998 and includes titles like DiRT, DiRT Rally, and others.

Game Engine:

  • EA SPORTS WRC will be based on the Unreal Game engine, moving away from the Ego technology previously used in Codemasters’ games.

In-Game Features:

  • Over 600km of stage mileage from day one.
  • More than 200 stages available at launch.
  • 13 locations based on the real-world competition, with additional past-WRC venues.
  • Features modern WRC cars, including vehicles from categories such as WRC, WRC2, and Junior WRC.
  • Builder mode allows players to create their own vehicles.
  • Moments mode offers daily challenges based on real-world events.

VR Support:

  • The game will support virtual reality headsets but exclusively for PC.

DLCs and Microtransactions:

  • Cosmetic DLCs expected, such as livery and apparel packs.
  • There’s mention of a “VIP Rally Pass” for five in-game seasons, which may be similar to F1 23’s Podium Pass system.

Release and Platforms:

  • The game will be released on 3rd November 2023.
  • Early access for pre-order customers starts from 31st October 2023.
  • It will be available on PC (via Steam or Epic Games Store), PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

From the details provided, it’s clear that the developers aim to deliver a cutting-edge rally experience for players, blending realism, immersion, and historical content into one package. The move to the Unreal Engine and the decision to focus on next-gen platforms indicate that the game aims to set new standards in the rally game genre.

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