End of 2023 Giveaway with Fanatec CSL Elite V2 Pedals!

As we wave goodbye to 2023, it’s time to ramp up the excitement with one final, thrilling giveaway! We’re immensely grateful for the incredible journey we’ve shared this year, filled with passion, speed, and the unbreakable spirit of our community.

This Year's Grand Prize: Fanatec CSL Elite V2 Pedals

The Fanatec CSL Elite V2 Pedals are renowned for their precision and realism, bringing an extraordinary edge to your racing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these pedals will transform the way you race.

How to Enter?

  1. Click this link: Ending 2023 with CSL V2 Pedals
  2. Follow the simple steps to get your entries in.
  3. Cross your fingers!

The contest is open to everyone as a token of appreciation. It’s our way of saying thank you for your unwavering support, engagement, and feedback, which have been a true support in shaping the of the channel.

Deadline for Entries!

Entries start now!

Deadline for entries is 23:59 (CET) on 25th of December 2023. 

Once again, a massive thank you to each one of you who’s been part of our journey this year. Your support, comments, likes, and shares have been the fuel that keeps our channel running.

Gran Turismo Masterclass!

The course content is delivered through a combination of video tutorials, written guides and example laps. You can also join our Discord channel to get more information. Feel free to ask questions and join the discussion.

Digit Performance Socks!

Say goodbye to slipping on the pedals. Our custom grip plate ensures your feet stay firmly in place, providing stability and enhancing your performance with every acceleration and braking.