Gran Turismo 7 Free Update 1.23

Free Update 1.23

New Cars But no Tracks

In the most recent update a couple of very interesting cars have been added. We can also say that Gran Turismo 7 is going “Green” with two out of three new cars powered by electric engines. 

Volkswagen ID. R '19

Volkswagen ID. R '19

The ID.R is the first fully electric Volkswagen car and the sports ambassador of the ID. families, completely new generations of electric production models. Only 250 days passed from the first sketch to the presentation of the prototype. In 2018, French driver Romain Dumas with ID.R won the famous mountain race Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in the USA. Engineers then systematically perfected the advanced racing car, and to this day it has won several other records that clearly testify to its pioneering role.

Nissan Silvia K's Type S(S14) '94

Nissan Silvia K's Type S(S14) '94

The sixth generation of the Nissan model Silvia (S14), more precisely the Type S from 1994 with the rare option of a rear-wheel steering system called Super HICAS. the car is in K trim so it has 16-inch wheels, and is powered by an SR20 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that develops 216 hp. This power is transmitted to the rear wheels.

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Spyder

Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Spyder

The second car in the game is the recently unveiled Porsche Vision Gran Turismo Sypder. The electric speedster with two electric motors delivers almost 1,100 hp and 1,090 Nm of torque. The single-seater has active aerodynamic elements and a carbon monocoque chassis to make it as light as possible. This is essentially the successor to the coupe that has been available in the game since day one.

California II" and "Tokyo II Scapes

California II
California II
Tokyo II
Tokyo II

In addition to the great new cars, the update also includes two new locations, namely California II and Tokyo II. One is located in Yosemite National Park, and the other is on Sakurada-dori, which runs through the center of Tokyo.

Update 1.23 New Cafe Menu Books

  • Menu Book 45 – The Silvia Sisters
  • Extra Menu 8 – Corvette
  • Extra Menu 9 – Midship Porsche

The new Menu Books and Extra Menus will appear after clearing Menu Book No. 39 (‘Championship: World GT Series’) and having watched the ending.

Other updates

Added six MAZDA SPIRIT RACING logo decals. These can be selected in the Livery Editor when the current car is a Mazda.

The following new events have been added to 'World Circuits'

  • Silvia Sisters
    • Willows Springs International Raceway: Streets of Willow Springs
    • Tsukuba Circuit
    • Deep Forest Raceway Reverse
  • Japanese FR Challenge 450
    • Autopolis International Racing Course
  • American Clubman Cup 700
    • Trial Mountain Circuit
  • World Touring Car 800
    • Tokyo Expressway East Clockwise

1. Lobby / Meeting Place / Sport

  • Improved network connectivity;
  • Fixed an issue wherein the car would not move again if stopped using the handbrake in the pitlane during a Practice on the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Rallycross Layout;
  • Fixed an issue wherein the ‘My Record’ time displayed during a race would be incorrect in an Online Time Trial;
  • The cursor will move to ‘Exit’ when pressing the cancel button in the Quick Menu. When selecting ‘Exit’ the dialogue ‘Do you want to quit?’ will now be displayed.

2. Race Screen

Fixed an issue wherein the refuelling indicator would be incorrect in races with fuel consumption enabled.

3. Licence Centre

Fixed an issue wherein the ghost car would be positioned in a different starting position to the player if ‘Display Demonstration Ghost’ was turned on in Licence ‘S-8’ and ‘S-10.’

4. Car Settings

Changed the calculation of the Performance Points (PP) in ‘Car Settings’ so that measurements are taken with stock Differential Gear (LSD) and Suspension settings.

5. Garage

  • Fixed an issue wherein changing the settings of the current car in ‘Garage’ would cause that car to be listed at the top even when the sorting order was set as ‘By Date Acquired’;
  • Fixed an issue wherein the sorting order was incorrect when ‘Last Used’ was selected from the ‘Change Car’ menu.

6. Steering Controllers

  • Added support for the Logitech® G PRO Racing Wheel;
  • Added a button configuration menu for the Fanatec® Podium in ‘Options’ > ‘Controllers’;
  • Added the ability to connect to a different shifter from the one currently being used for Fanatec steering controllers;
  • Added rotary encoder support for Fanatec steering controllers. (Models which feature rotary encoders such as the Clubsport Steering Wheel Formula V2 can be used).

7. Others

Various other issues have been addressed.

One Response

  1. Hey Mihail!

    Those changes to the PP system are a really lazy quick fix from PD imo.

    I’m part of a large tuning league, and with these changes now we can’t see how any changes we make to our suspension or diff settings actually affect our acceleration or rotational G numbers… Very frustrating for those of us trying to learn how to tune.

    I realise they did it to stop exploits in daily races that allow tuning, but it’s just Iazy and flawed. Rather than actually fix the PP algorithm they’ve just hacked some of it off.

    It took us a whole 5 minutes to stop silly suspension and diff exploits.

    Along with a PP, car type and HP limit, you just add weight and car part limits.

    Really, just PP, car type/models & HP is enough if you have knowledge of the game and simply think about it for a few minutes.

    Then again, it’s pretty obvious PD haven’t been putting much thought into the daily races as it is.

    I understand they are under a lot of pressure to fix the many issues with the game, but applying lazy band-aid solutions like this is just going to create more work and issues for them in the future.

    The sad fact is regular users of Sport mode & lobbies don’t even make up 1% of the total player base in GT7 and it’s showing how little PD actually (don’t) care about the most serious and passionate players of the game.

    I love Gran Turismo more than any other game or sim by far ❤💙❤💙 but PD & Kaz are breaking my heart.

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