Gran Turismo 7 is getting a Free PS VR2 update!

Playstation Vr2

We are glad to inform you that the PlayStation®5 version of ‘Gran Turismo 7’ will have full PlayStation®VR2 compatibility with Update 1.29, which will be available on February 21. Players will be able to enjoy all races and game modes (excluding ‘2P Split Screen’ option) with a whole new degree of realism with this free update. PS VR2 owners will also get access to a special ‘VR Showroom’ section via their ‘Garage’ or in-game car dealerships, where they will be able to enjoy all the magnificent features of the ultra high-definition automobile models in a range of locales and lighting conditions.

GT7 fully utilizes PS VR2’s next-generation features. Players will experience a whole new dimension of highly immersive gameplay thanks to specially optimized HDR tone mapping, foveated rendering from the eye-tracking feature (a technology that renders areas of the screen that the player is directly looking at in high definition), and dynamic 3D audio support.

PS VR2 will take your Gran Turismo 7 experience to new heights.

PS VR2 enhances the driving experience to a whole new degree of realism. Take part in racing with automobiles that now seem true to life

With 12 backdrops to choose from, you can admire the exquisite features of your automobiles in ultra-high quality. Vehicles may be seen from various perspectives, and you can even go inside the vehicle with a single button push. Every car, inside and out, may be explored by players.