Gran Turismo 7 – Online Time Trial Challenge at Suzuka Circuit

Gran Turismo 7 – Online Time Trial Challenge at Suzuka

Gran Turismo’s 7 new Online Time Trial Challenge 29th September-13th October features Suzuka Circuit with the legendary McLaren MP4/4.

NOTE: You can rent the car and DO NOT HAVE TO OWN IT for this challenge. 

McLaren MP4/4

As usual to win 2 million credits in the game. For that you need to stay in the top 3% of the time at the end of the challenge. So most players were surprised that their original time was not enough to win the main prize. This is because if the world record gets better, all other times and percentages follow that trend.

To make your path to 2 million credits easier. Check out our guide through for Suzuka Circuit with MP4/4.

Likewise, for all those who cannot find the GT Time Trial Challenge. It only becomes visible only after completing Caffe Menu no. 9

Details of the challenge: 

Car: MP4/4

Track: Suzuka Circuit

Entry: 29th September-13th October