Gran Turismo 7 Photo Competition!

I am delighted to announce the DG-EDGE Photo Competition, an event that celebrates Gran Turismo 7 Photo Mode. This competition is an invitation to our community of sim racing and photographers to present their most compelling images that encapsulate the spirit of racing.

All entries will be divided in two Categories. Category 1 with additional guidelines (see below) and Category 2 – no requirements.

You can participate in both categories.

The entry period ends on the 22nd of November at 23.59 CET.

Entry Guidelines (Category 1):

  • Submit your photo on our website: DG-Edge Photo Competition
  • Use the DG livery, searchable with the tag “digit” in the Styles section.
  • Feel free to design your own livery, including “fanatec,” “gt omega,” & the “dg logo.” (not mandatory)
  • Choose any car and scene for your photo.
  • Submissions are open now and close on Wednesday, 22nd of November.
  • More info will follow.
  • One design per person is allowed.

Prizes (Category 1) !

  • 1st Place: €75 voucher
  • 2nd Place: €50 voucher
  • 3rd Place: €25 voucher

Prizes (Category 2) !

  • 1st Place: €50 voucher

The selection of winners will be conducted through a transparent voting process hosted on our official Facebook page. Photographs will be grouped into batches of five, and participants will advance through a structured league cup format based on community votes.

Photo Contest!

Gran Turismo Masterclass!

The course content is delivered through a combination of video tutorials, written guides and example laps. You can also join our Discord channel to get more information. Feel free to ask questions and join the discussion.

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