Gran Turismo: Mangano Denies Gallo, Drumont Secures His Place in OES 2023

The Olympic Esports Series 2023 marks a new chapter in the world of competitive gaming, as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) partners with International Federations and game publishers to bring the thrill of virtual sports to a global audience. One of the most highly anticipated events in the series is the Motor Sport event, a collaboration between the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and Polyphony Digital Inc. With the online qualifiers now complete, excitement builds as the best drivers prepare to compete in the Olympic Esports Week in Singapore.

Mangano Denies Gallo, Drumont Secures His Place

In a dramatic turn of events during the qualifiers, Giorgio Mangano managed to deny Valerio Gallo, the previous winner of the event, from securing a top spot. This unexpected outcome has further fueled anticipation for the upcoming races in Singapore. Meanwhile, Kylian Drumont’s last-minute surge secured his place in the Olympic Esports Week, adding to the excitement and showcasing the depth of talent in the field.

Olympic Esports Week: Singapore Awaits

With the time trial concluded, the best-ranked drivers from the Online Qualifiers have secured their spots at the inaugural Olympic Esports Week, which will take place from June 22-25, 2023, in Singapore. The event promises to be a thrilling spectacle, showcasing the skills of the world’s finest virtual drivers as they compete for the ultimate prize.

The Final Showdown: June 25th

The culmination of the Motor Sport event will occur on June 25th, when the best drivers will go head-to-head in a high-octane race for glory. The competition is expected to be fierce, as these elite gamers have proven their prowess during the online qualifiers. Fans from around the world eagerly await the outcome, as the victor will make history as the first Olympic Esports Series Motor Sport gold medalist

The Olympic Esports Series 2023 is a groundbreaking venture that seeks to elevate the world of virtual sports to new heights. With the Motor Sport event, the IOC, FIA, and Polyphony Digital Inc. have created a truly remarkable and engaging experience for both participants and fans. As the best drivers gear up for the Singapore showdown, the world watches in anticipation, ready to witness history in the making.

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