Gran Turismo World Series 2023 – World Finals Results

The “Gran Turismo World Series” World Finals 2023, held in the vibrant city of Barcelona, Spain, has successfully concluded, marking an unforgettable event in the world of virtual racing. This high-profile event brought together the crème de la crème of virtual racers from across the globe, culminating in a series of intensely competitive races.

Nations Cup Results

In the Nations Cup, it was Team Spain that took the spotlight, with drivers Coque López, Jose Serrano, and Pol Urra showcasing exceptional skills and teamwork to secure the top spot with a total of 53 points. Team Japan, with Rikuto Kobayashi and Seiya Suzuki, demonstrated remarkable precision and speed, claiming the second position with 46 points. Team Brazil, represented by Igor Fraga, Lucas Bonelli, and Adriano Carrazza, displayed resilience and strategy to clinch the third place with 44 points. The event underscored the global nature of the series, featuring a diverse array of drivers from different countries, each bringing their unique racing style to the track.

Manufacturers Cup Results

The Manufacturers Cup witnessed a thrilling battle among some of the most iconic car brands in the world. Team Nissan, with Mateo Estevez, Ryota Kokubun, and Mehdi Hafidi at the helm, emerged as the champions, highlighting Nissan’s dominance in the racing domain. The second position was fiercely contested and ultimately secured by Team Mercedes-AMG, consisting of Lucas Bonelli, Tomoaki Yamanaka, and Baptiste Beauvois. The third spot on the podium was claimed by Team Genesis, with Nicolas Romero, Dean Heldt, and Yuito Sasaki demonstrating the brand’s rising prominence in the racing world.

Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Grand Final

A special highlight of the event was the Toyota Gazoo Racing GT Cup Grand Final. Pol Urra delivered an extraordinary performance, clinching victory in a nail-biting race that kept fans on the edge of their seats. He narrowly edged out Ryota Kokubun, who put up a formidable challenge. Completing the podium was the seasoned Spanish GT veteran, Coque Lopez, adding another feather to his cap in his illustrious racing career.

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