GT Omega – One of the Leading Brands in Cockpits and Racing Seats Production


GT Omega is a UK company established in 2009. It’s one of the leading brands specialising in gaming products ranging from simulation racing, gaming chairs and accessories for use in eSports and gaming.

Besides the cockpits and racing seats, GT Omega produced one of the best gaming chairs – GT Omega Element. This chair won Best Gaming Chair Award at the T3 Awards 2020.

It’s not just their products to receive excellent reviews, but their customer service also. They are often rated as fast and helpful – something that is definitely commendable today.

Let’s see what they have to offer from sim racing products!


GT Omega have three different cockpits in their offer – PRIME Cockpit, TITAN Cockpit and ART Simulator Cockpit. It doesn’t matter if you’re only a beginner or a pro racer because these cockpits come in a different form and at a different price.

PRIME Cockpit

PRIME Cockpit


PRIME Cockpit is a GT Omega’s premium cockpit. The frame of PRIME Cockpit is built with durable and practical extruded aluminium which is anodized black for a more professional finish.

It also has an adjustable wheel deck so your wheel deck can be mounted at whichever height, distance or angle suits you and is made out of heavy-duty carbon steel. The GT Omega Prime has a multi adjustable pedal plate which is simple to move into the perfect position. The unique Gear shifter mounting design allows it to be placed not only on either side but at whatever height or distance fits your preference.

You can buy the PRIME Cockpit without the seat for £579.95, or with the seat starting from £709.95. 

TITAN Cockpit

TITAN Cockpit


TITAN Cockpit is a mid-level cockpit with the starting price of £289.95 without the seat or £419.95 for a cockpit with the racing seat. It has a fully adjustable pedal plate and a multi-point adjustable wheel plate.

ART Cockpit

ART Simulator Cockpit


ART Simulator Cockpit is the cheapest of those three GT Omega’s cockpits. You can buy it for just £179.95 without the racing seat. However, if you want the racing seat with the cockpit the starting price is £319.95. 

ART Simulator Cockpit features adjustable wheel deck height, multiple seat mounting positions, racing seat height adjustment, variable cockpit length and adaptable pedal plate.

Racing Seats

GT Omega Racing Seats


When it comes to racing seats, GT Omega also has three different seats in their offer – RS6 Simulator Seat, RS9 Simulator Seat and XL RS Simulator Seat. All three of those look quite impressive. RS6 and RS9 will cost you exactly the same, while XL RS is £10 more expensive.

You can buy each of those separately or you can pair any seat you like with each cockpit.

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