How Are We Funded?

Our operational model thrives on various pillars of funding, ensuring that our platform remains accessible, qualitative, and responsive to our community’s needs. Let’s delve deeper:



Dedicated YouTube followers contribute to our cause through channel memberships.

1. YouTube Memberships:
The digital age thrives on engagement. YouTube channel, brimming with enthusiasts, hobbyists, and professionals, is testament to this engagement. Members who opt for our YouTube memberships not only gain early access, exclusive content, and special perks, but also become stakeholders in our journey. Their financial commitment ensures we maintain production standards, explore new content avenues, and continue engaging with our audience at a deep, meaningful level.


Affiliate Links

Making a purchase through our affiliate links, especially with our partner GT OMEGA (use code "DIGIT" for a 5% discount), grants us a small commission. It's a seamless way to back us without any extra cost to you.

2. Affiliate Links:
In our endeavor to offer value, we’ve collaborated with top-tier brands, making it easier for our community to access quality equipment. One such significant partnership is with GT OMEGA. By choosing to shop through our affiliate links, our community indirectly reinvests into the platform. Every purchase sends a small commission our way, without adding any extra cost to the buyer. Moreover, GT OMEGA offers an exclusive 5% discount for our members using the code “DIGIT,” proving that mutual growth and community benefits go hand-in-hand.



Show support directly via YouTube Super Chats or PayPal. Every contribution, big or small, drives our mission forward.

3. Donations:
Every great venture thrives on generosity. While we’re dedicated to offering content free of barriers, we recognize and deeply appreciate those who choose to support us through direct donations. Whether it’s a symbolic gesture via a YouTube Super Chat, every donation fuels our mission, ensuring that our content remains unbridled, original, and aligned with community interests.


Become a Sponsor

Enhance your brand's visibility by featuring your livery on our custom designs. It's a unique opportunity to merge marketing with support.

4. Sponsorship Opportunities:
In a world saturated with advertisements, we believe in meaningful brand collaborations. Our sponsorship program offers brands a unique way to intertwine their narrative with our community’s spirit. By featuring a brand’s livery on our custom designs, we ensure immersive engagement that goes beyond traditional advertising. It’s a partnership that celebrates mutual growth, brand visibility, and community engagement.

Evolving the Community

We’re excited to announce that we will have more competitions, ensuring our fans and members always have something to look forward to. For those keen on staying updated, our Discord channel will be the primary hub for all our latest news and announcements. We appreciate your support and look forward to an exciting journey ahead.