Logitech G Pro Racing Wheel Review

Logitech released G Pro Racing Wheel and finally went pro. Not so different at the first sight compared to G series, but G Pro Racing Wheel is a big step forward for Logitech. They have finally made a direct drive racing wheel similar to MOZA’s DD R9 or FANATEC’s DD PRO.  

At some points, Logitech G Pro is even better than its competitors. They have proved themselves with the G series at the beginner and amateur level, but can Logitech compete with other manufacturers at the highest level? 

The wheel base and the steering wheel are coming together, but the pedals are coming separately. Here comes the first problem because you have just one steering wheel compatible with the wheel base. 

The other problems which can be seen at the first sight are design, price and release period. But, let’s start in order.


The design of the Logitech G Pro racing wheel is somehow classic for Logitech. It look a bit more fancy compared to it’s predecessors. However it lacks personality and it doesn’t look like a premium racing wheel compared to other models from different manufacturers. 

The wheel base is huge. It’s really too big and looks a bit cheap because it’s made of plastic. Other premium wheel bases are smaller and made of metal, so this solution from Logitech comes as a surprise. And also a disappointment in our opinion. 

The positives are the small joystick within reach of your left thumb and the metal paddle shifters. The shifters uses a magnetic system with contactless hall-effect sensors and they feel really satisfying. They are also quite large. 

There is an integrated game settings and LED display at the wheel base so you can easily configure important wheel settings. It also look quite nicely. 

Direct Drive

Logitech G Pro is a direct drive racing wheel with up to 11Nm of Force FeedBack. They’ve went a little further than it’s competitors when it comes to Force Feedback. For example, MOZA DD R9 produces 9Nm of force, while FANATEC DD Pro produces 8Nm. 

It also has the advantage of TrueForce – Logitech’s special technology which delivers the most pure and precise connection to the race. You can get a real sense of hitting an apex or how much you have to whip it back when oversteer. 

Redesigned clamping system lets desk-based drivers easily mount and remove their wheel. But it’s not just about the Quick release per se. Fans are hoping that Logitech would potentially release additional steering wheel in the future. 

With this great feature, you can simply pull the wheel away from the wheelbase to release it. Simply as that, you can also re-attach the wheel back by pushing it to the wheelbase.  


Logitech G Pro comes in two variations. They offer a PlayStation compatible variant and a separate Xbox compatible variant. Both of these variants are also compatible with PC. Unfortunately you need to choose between two consoles if you want to buy a single wheel. 

However, Logitech ensured that all functionality on the wheel works with both consoles. This means that you can use OLED display and rev lights on your Xbox console also.  


Logitech Direct Drive

Logitech G Pro comes at the price of €1099 or $999. This price includes wheel base, steering wheel a table clamp. The table clamp attaches to the front of the wheel base and locks the wheel to your table. 

You can get a similar racing wheel from other manufacturers probably for $200 less. But for less money you will also get less power. It’s up to you to decide if you need those two or three Nm of force. 

Verdict on G Pro Racing Wheel

Logitech made more than decent professional racing wheel, but a little to late. Their competitors already establish a direct drive as standard before them. Although Logitech G Pro produces more power and uses Trueforce technology it’s not enough for the price.

Another problem is that you can’t buy separately the wheel base. Even if Logitech release new steering wheels in the near future you will stuck with steering wheel that comes with G Pro. You couldn’t even sell it because everyone would already have it.

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