MOZA ES Formula Wheel Mod

The MOZA ecosystem has been rapidly growing in the last couple of months, directly competing with Fanatec in that sense. The latest additions is the ES Formula Wheel Mod.

Starting with MOZA ES Formula Wheel Mod

The formula wheel mod transforms the ES wheel into a formula wheel.

MOZA ES Formula Wheel Mod

280mm Formula Wheel Mod

With dimensions matching a real formula racing wheel, the 280mm ES formula wheel Mod is designed for immersion, realism, and performance.

Aviation Grade Aluminum Body

MOZA ES Formula Wheel Mod

Using a 4 mm-thick aviation-grade aluminum alloy, the wheel rim mod is durable and rigid while remaining highly responsive thanks to this long-lasting lightweight alloy.

Rubber Grips

The grips are injection molded using environmentally friendly TPU rubber. They are non-slip grips, as well as sweat-proof and durable. Although if you’re running high power on the wheelbase, you might get an unpleasant feeling over the thumb after longer use.

Just to highlight,  the ES Formula Wheel Mod is specially designed and adapted for the ES wheel and that wheel alone.

MOZA ES Formula Wheel Mod

It took me about 20 minutes to convert from the regular shape to the formula mod addon. The package included the formula mod as well as all the necessary tools for conversion. Although not of the highest quality, they get the job done, The screws are not that easy to attach back to the wheel, but that really shouldn’t affect the overall evaluation.

Driving Experience

After the assembly, it was time to test the new wheel. Although the base and the buttons stayed the same and you can find the review of the MOZA R5 bundle HERE, the feeling is slightly different. The add-on is lighter than the MOZA R5 original, making the overall force feedback feel more direct and even more powerful. This is very subjective, but I do like the feel of a light wheel. Considering the MOZA R5 has only 5.5 nm of torque, this can have an impact on the overall feel. The price of the mod is 45 euros, which is a fairly reasonable price for such a modification. Putting it all together, the overall pricing and quality of the mod make it a decent addition to MOZA’s ecosystems, and if you like the design of the formula wheel, this might be the wheel for you.

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