MOZA Racing and Lamborghini Are Teaming Up

MOZA Racing and Lamborghini are teaming up in the world of sim racing. On April 6, 2024, in Imola, Italy, MOZA Racing, a top-tier sim racing hardware manufacturer, proudly announced its sponsorship partnership with Automobili Lamborghini’s Esports racing team. This collaboration will bolster Lamborghini’s racing events, including The Real Race Super Trofeo Esports Championship. Celebrations for the launch are set for the Lamborghini Arena weekend, April 6-7, at the renowned Autodromo of Imola.

This partnership heralds a monumental leap in sim racing, marrying MOZA Racing’s technological excellence and dedication to quality with Automobili Lamborghini’s legendary prestige and performance. MOZA Racing will extend comprehensive support and advanced racing setups to Lamborghini drivers, enhancing the competitive edge in virtual races.

Both MOZA and Lamborghini bring distinctive strengths to the table. MOZA is celebrated for its innovative technology and superior craftsmanship in the sim racing industry. In contrast, Automobili Lamborghini is synonymous with luxury and peerless performance. Their collaboration promises to push sim racing into new realms of realism and excitement.

The Lamborghini Arena: A Blend of Heritage and Esports

The Lamborghini Arena is a testament to Lamborghini’s racing legacy and the vibrant esports community, offering unparalleled racing experiences. Event highlights include:

  • Exclusive Simulator Zone: Join the Automobili Lamborghini Esports Team in high-adrenaline races in our Simulator Zone, equipped with MOZA Racing-enhanced Assetto Corsa Competizione setups by Kunos Simulazioni.
  • Interactive Experiences: Dive into interactive exhibits and gain exclusive insights into the latest Lamborghini models.
  • Networking Opportunities: Mingle with racing aficionados and industry frontrunners in an energetic setting.

Open Registration for The Real Race Super Trofeo Esports 2024 Mark your calendars for April 22, when registration for the highly anticipated season begins. Compete in the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO2 on the esteemed Assetto Corsa Competizione platform. For more details, visit

Exciting Developments Ahead As we celebrate the groundbreaking MOZA Racing and Automobili Lamborghini partnership, we eagerly anticipate more thrilling announcements. The future holds exciting prospects!

About MOZA Racing Since 2021, MOZA Racing has set new standards in sim racing hardware, emphasizing innovation and quality. The company collaborates with leading industry suppliers, maintaining rigorous quality control processes. With 2024 promising significant advancements, follow MOZA on social media for the latest updates.

About Automobili Lamborghini Automobili Lamborghini, an emblem of Italian automotive excellence, is renowned for its unmatched performance, daring designs, and rich heritage. For decades, Lamborghini has continued to inspire and redefine the automotive world with its pioneering technology and craftsmanship.

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