MOZA Racing – Wheelbases Overview

Gudsen MOZA, one of the leading manufacturers of camera stabilization systems for the videography industry, is just about to hit the sim racing market as MOZA Racing. They have recently released three new high-end products in the form of a brand new steering wheel, telemetry dash and a pedal set. This guide will run you through the three MOZA Racing’s wheel bases, R9 Wheel Base, R16 Wheel Base and R21 Wheel Base with the special emphasize on the R9 model. 

What is actually a wheel base?

The wheel base is the product behind the steering wheel in which electric motors or a belt drive and complex electronic systems are installed. It plays a decisive role as a steering unit. Force FeedBack is the application of forces to the steering wheel to stimulate the reaction of real vehicle components.

There are a few types of wheel bases but in this guide we will put the focus on the so-called direct-drive wheel bases. The main reason lies in the fact that all three types of MOZA Racing’s wheel bases are direct-drive and they offer the most authentic and precise driving experience on a racing simulator. They are used by the most professional racers and e-sports racing experts. In the direct-drive wheel bases the handlebars are directly connected to an electric motor, allowing extremely fast power and data transfer. You must be really careful because you will feel every bump and have a feeling just like with a real steering wheel.

Moza R9 Wheel Base

Check out the newest Moza R9 Wheel Base

DD R9 (price: 439.00 - 459.00 $)

DD R9 is the newest wheelbase developed by MOZA Racing. The R9’s whole housing is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy and its 9Nm of torque can simulate a full range of steering forces and car handling characteristics. It also has a smart temperature control system to ensure operation and endurance during competition. The temperature control strategy uses built-in temperature sensors. What is important, the MOZA APP Cloud Control is available for the modification of the settings of, not just the wheelbase, but also of the steering wheel, pedals, etc. The R9 can be connected to all of MOZA Racing’s hardware.

After testing it, our initial impression is quite positive. The simple design in small form allows it to sit perfectly behind your steering wheel and there are no lights at the front of the wheel base to distract you. You can look at your wheel and your screen without any distraction from the wheel base.

The aluminum gives the R9 a premium feel, despite its low price. At the back of the R9 are all of the connection ports and the power button. There aren’t ports for pedals, shifters or a handbrake to connect to which means that you have to run multiple USBs from your pedals and other peripherals to your PC or make use of a USB hub.

As we emphasized, the price of 439.00 – 459.00 $ is surely one of the biggest cons of the R9. Compared to others, the R9 is probably the best deal in the entry-level wheelbases. Although the Fanatec CSL DD is cheaper it produces only 5Nm of torque compared with 9Nm of torque produced by the R9.

All in all, the R9 is a great deal and we would certainly recommend it if you’re considering sim racing seriously.

Although we haven’t tried them, here is also some basic information and specification of the two other MOZA Racing’s wheel bases.

DD R16 (price: 999.00 $)

Moza Bundle

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With a huge 16Nm of torque, the R16 lays down an impressive torque range to accurately provide immersion that only direct drive wheels can provide. From GT to F1, feel every moment. The R16 is, just like the R9, made of aluminum alloy, giving the base a rock-solid feel and weight. You can feel everything through an optimized motor design and Ultra Low Static Torque is offering practically zero torque ripple, notching, or cogging.

DD R21 (price: 1,199.00 $)

With 21Nm of power behind the R21, you can really feel everything modern racing cars have to offer. Every bump, slip and slide can be felt, giving unbeatable immersion. V-shaped struts, fractional slot-concentrated windings are applied to ensure maximum torque can be felt without notchiness. Under the same volume, the R21 sports a 30% larger output of torque than other models. Just like the two other models, the R21 is made of aluminum alloy, giving the base a rock-solid feel and weight.