MOZA Released FSR Formula Wheel – a Formula Style Steering Wheel

MOZA’s keep hitting the sim racing market with new releases. After the budget direct drive racing bundle, the MOZA R5, the new announcement was the FSR Formula Wheel. Not a budget product this time, but rather a premium super sim racing steering wheel. 

FSR Formula Wheel

The FSR Formula Wheel is the second MOZA’s formula style steering wheel if the GS GT Wheel is included in that category. However, this is truly remarkable and one of the best sim racing steering wheel we have seen in a long time. For sure, it’s the best MOZA steering wheel yet released.

At the first look, you’ll see a large 4.3″ built-in display. You don’t often see such a large built-in display and even if you do, it cost much more than the FSR Formula Wheel. Along with the screen comes a range of different inputs and a carbon fiber body.

FSR Formula Wheel

Formula Style Steering Wheel



The FSR Formula Wheel comes at a price of 689.00 € if you’re buying directly from MOZA’s online store. We must point out that the VAT is excluded from this price.

The best place to purchase the FSR Formula Wheel is from MOZA directly. They currently offer the best price and they can ship worldwide.

The screen

As we mentioned, the FSR Formula Wheel comes with a 4.3″ built-in digital dash with an 800*480 resolution display. There are all the essential information racers need to know in the heat of competition.

Inspired by real racing cars, the FSR Formula Wheel interface comes with  15 different possible configurations, so drivers can get the essential information when they need it most.

The screen can display information such as speed, RPM, gears, tire temperatures, relative times, current or fastest lap times, fuel, ERS levels, vehicle status, damage, DRS, and much more. You will feel much more involved in the race compared to checking an on-screen HUD.


At the FSR Formula Wheel you’ll find a ten individual push buttons. You can activate the pit speed limiter, ERS overtake mode or DRS with them, and you can also just change your camera angle or pause the game.

Each button is LED backlit with a range of different colors to chose from.



The wheel size is 280 mm or 13 inches making it a bit smaller than the GS Steering Wheel. With this size MOZA’s match a real F1 steering wheel. 

The FSR Formula Wheel at some point looks similar to the GS Steering Wheel. The main difference is the large screen. The frame and the shifter paddles are made of carbon fiber and they opted for perforated leather instead of more delicate Alcantara leather for the hand grips. 

At the top of the wheel is an RGB Rev Bar. You can adjust the color of each individual light and the timing of the lights which allows a truly personalized experience. 


The FSR Steering Wheel features a carbon fiber magnetic shifter and dual-clutch paddles. In addition, the clutch paddles can be set in dual-clutch mode, single-clutch mode, and programmable switches.

The paddle induction adopts non-contact Hall electromagnetic induction technology, which is highly stable, meaning no more miss-shifts or damage to your vehicle.

The only drawback of these shifters is probably the noise. As on other MOZA’s steering wheels, the shifters make a large click when you’re using them. Maybe some of you like these clicks but it can pretty annoying, especially for your household members. 

Quick Release

With this great feature, you can simply pull the wheel away from the wheelbase to release it. Simply as that, you can also re-attach the wheel back by pushing it to the wheelbase.  

The best part of this feature is that every MOZA steering wheel has it. If you have some other steering wheel you can change it in a few seconds. 


The FSR Formula Wheel is a true masterpiece from MOZA. The only drawback is probably the noise when you’re changing gear. Premium materials and beautiful Formula design will make you feel like in a cockpit. Add a large screen to that and you can’t even distinguish this steering wheel from those used in F1 cars. 

It’s a bit more expensive compared to other steering wheels, but the price is certainly justified. The best wheelbases to pair with the FSR Formula Wheel would be MOZA’s R16 or R21. With that combination, nothing will stand between you and professional drivers. 

We are looking forward to seeing what you think of the FSR Formula Wheel!