Gran Turismo 7 – Online Time Trial Challenge at Dragon Trail Seaside

Gran Turismo’s 7 new Online Time Trial Challenge started on 18th of August and feature Dragon Trial Seaside and of course the OP car, GT-R in Gr.4.

In this challenge we have the Dragon Trail Seaside who always takes a victim in the infamous “Chicane of Death”. Also this time, it’s the turn of the Gr.4 cars, where recently the Nissan GT-R dominates.
The features of this car are excellent stability, agility at low speeds, and unbeatable acceleration (just look at the image).

Also lately PD has had problems with matching the BoP (Balance of Performance). Which should make each car almost equal to all the others. Of course, this is rarely the case and in this, as in many cases, we have the GT-R Gr.4 dominating the qualifying events.

As usual to win 2 million credits in the game. For that you need to stay in the top 3% of the time at the end of the challenge.
So most players were surprised that their original time was not enough to win the main prize. This is because if the world record gets better, all other times and percentages follow that trend.
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Budget Wheels

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Likewise, for all those who cannot find the GT Time Trial Challenge. It only becomes visible only after completing Caffe Menu no. 9

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Details of the challenge: 

Gr.4 Car (BoP) – Nissan GT-R (recommended)

Track: Dragon Trial – Seaside

Entry: 18th August – 1st September