PlayStation VR2 – New Unboxing Video

VR2 Unboxing

As excitement grows for the PlayStation VR2 February 22 debut, Sony has published a new video showcasing the new gear being unboxed and how its different functions work.

The video is hosted by Kei Yoneyama, of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s worldwide product strategy and management, and she walks us through everything from the design of the outside package to the device’s functionality.

The headset, of course, arrives in the most current incarnation of Sony’s product identity packaging, with a blue on white box containing the hard cardboard case that also acts as a method of storage and transportation for the headset.

Sony’s attempts to be ecologically friendly include case innards made from fast-growing sugar cane and bamboo, paper-based cable connections, and as little plastic packaging as possible.

The PSVR2 headset and two Sense controllers are included in the package, as are the USB-C charging cord and bundled in-ear headphones. These are also available in three sizes of cover, with the medium size already fitted.

Yoneyama also shows off the headset’s many comfort features, such as the headband release button and adjustment dial on the back, and the scope adjustment button and lens adjustment dial on the top. There’s also a power button and a function button on the bottom, the latter of which lets you to switch to “see-through” mode, allowing you to see the actual world rather than the game environment.

The PlayStation VR2 will go on sale on February 22 for $549.99/€599.99/£529.99, and Gran Turismo 7 will be fully compatible with the device from the start, thanks to a free upgrade. You can find GT Planet Video here: