PXN V-10 Force Feedback Steering Wheel Review


PXN V-10 is one of the newest budget-friendly wheels on the market. We received our test sample and decided to share our impressions with you. 

First of all, we want to say that we received the product for testing but we will point out all necessary information you need to know regardless of that. 

Inside the box

The content of the box starts with a Steering Wheel, Wheel Base, and a couple of other accessories. 

One of which I have to point out is the table clamp that I used in this review. A power adapter and a user manual are pretty much what you would expect and don’t need any further introduction.  


Force Feedback Racing

The wheel

The wheel has a nice leather coating but feels very light, weighting at “only” 570 grams.  This is a matter of personal preference but I do prefer heavier wheels. Of course, you have to note that this price point is something you would expect. 

The wheel also has a quick-release system to easily change from one wheel to another. We haven’t found any other compatible wheels at the moment but I’m sure that PXN is working on bringing more wheels onto the market. 

If you have a further look at the shifters of PXN V-10 they do come with a build in hand clutch pedals. Of course, you can use the shifters and the clutch as you wish but from my experience, it is the best use of them. On touch, the shifters feel soft, but you still get that “clicky” feeling while pressing them. Overall, I had a very similar experience while using the Logitech G29 wheel. 


Wheel Base

When it comes to the base of the product we can say that PXN took a different approach to designing the product making it stand out from the usual metal casing. They added a base plate with pre-drilled holes for easier mounting and also added a plastics casing.

Wheel Base PXN V10

We also need to point out the back side of the PXN V10 wheelbase. Adding a switch to easily change from 270 degrees of rotation all the way to 900 degrees. There is also a USB port for additional controllers. Also, a pedal port to avoid using the pedals separately. The maximum output is 3.2 Nm of torque and it will be enough for most sim racers. 

Back of PXN V-10

In the end the base meets that standards of a modern direct drive and it should be looked like that. 


We finally came to the most interesting part of this review, the pedals. 

My first initial view was very positive just looking at the design of the pedals. Nice color range from the throttle pedal all the way to the clutch. 

PXN V-10 Pedals

At most, the pedals will be okay to use. With the ability to adjust the spring tension, you could make each pedal feel different. Out of the box, the clutch and throttle behave almost the same.

There isn’t too much if any progression in each pedal. But without a secondary damper, this is to be expected. And what is refreshing is that the brake pedal is much more accessible than with the G923. The brake with the G923 is incredibly stiff, opting for a heavy feel. While the brake pedal in the PXN V10 is much lighter. By adjusting the adjustment screw, you can dial up the resistance a bit. But even at its highest setting, the brake feels relatively light. This is both a good and a bad thing.

I found all three pedals to be way too light even at their strongest resistance setting. I struggled for quite a while both under braking and acceleration to adjust to the lightness of these pedals. But after some time I was able to achieve a fairly competent level of skill using this pedal set. Nevertheless, the light feeling of all three pedals makes this pedal set extremely accessible and usable for a wide range of racers.


The included H-pattern shifter is a nice touch, and overall it looks pretty par for the course. Much like the other elements in this bundle, the shifter is primarily constructed from plastic. And there is a clamp at the back to mount it to your sim rig or table.

Much like the pedals, PXN seems to have looked in Thrustmaster’s direction when designing this shifter. The shape and design is very reminiscent of the TH8A, but that’s not a bad thing.

There are a couple of buttons towards the rear of the shifter labelled parking brake and lo/hi. These can be programmed in games where they are required, and give the shifter a little extra functionality.

Our Review Video


Compatibility with different consoles is excellent with full support for PlayStation 4 and 5, all modern Xbox consoles and PC. Although compatibility within PXN’s own products is lacking at this moment in time.

There are no other wheel rims as I just mentioned and you can’t use this product with any of PXN’s other products currently. If you are racing on PC, you do have the option of using the pedals and gear shifter with racing wheels from other brands as they can be directly connected to your PC.


And let’s take a look at the price point of the V10. The best place to buy this wheel seems to be Amazon, with PXN’s own website pointing to an Amazon listing. It is currently available for around £330 and $330.

That puts it at around the same price as the Logitech G923, but around £100/$80 more expensive than the much older G29 and G920.

The price represents a solid foundation for this product but there are still some features that can be better. 


Force Feedback Racing


  • The price – $329,99 
  • Shifter is included
  • Phone Software


  • Pedals are too soft 
  • 3.2 Nm of torque – some users might need more feedback
  • PC Software
  • Not compatible will all games


The overall build of the product seems nice and looking for this price point you get what you pay for. Although I have some negative feeling about this product is mostly comes down to the pedals that are too soft and the lack of compatibility with all racing titles. 

The pedals can be fixed quite easily by putting in a harder spring. Not a huge investment but it may give you a better feel overall. 

Let us know what you think of PXN V10 in the comments ! 🙂