Sophy and Grand Valley Track are Coming to Gran Turismo 7


Gran Turismo Sophy (GT Sophy), Sony’s ground-breaking AI racing agent, had its maiden global debut on February 20 as announced by Polyphony Digital and Sony AI. Also, Gran Turismo 7 on the PlayStation®5 gaming system will soon include a brand-new game mode called “Race Together” that will give gamers a chance to experience this ground-breaking technology.

Race Together, which was created in conjunction with Sony AI and Sony Interactive Entertainment in just one year, gives players of different skill levels and backgrounds the chance to compete against GT Sophy. Users can compete against the AI racing agent in a set of four races that range in difficulty from Beginner to Expert. Players will face four GT Sophy vehicles with various levels of performance in each race. GT Sophy’s incredible speed and driving prowess can even be tested in head-to-head (1vs1) matches between players of extraordinary talent using the same car configurations and settings.

Also, Race Together offers a brand-new emoticon feature that shows the GT Sophy cars’ emotions throughout the race to show how the racing AI is responding to the action on the track.

Race Together, which is a part of Version 1.29, will be accessible through the end of March. We hope you’ll take advantage of this special chance to race with GT Sophy on the circuit!


Five new cars, including an Italdesign Vision Gran Turismo and famous legends

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Grand Valley Track!

Track Length, 5,099m; Elevation Difference, 97m; Number of Corners, 18; Longest Straight, 995m


Gran Turismo’s Grand Valley is back with a brand-new appearance. A difficult track with full-throttle high speed stretches and tight winding turns is the entire “Highway 1” design. The abrupt elevation changes and blind corners on the 2000m “South” layout keep drivers on their toes. This huge area where the ocean and mountains converge, a sizable bridge, and lengthy tunnel segments combine to create an exhilarating and beautiful driving experience that will keep you going back for more.


Full PlayStation®VR2 support (PS5™ console version only)

PlayStation®VR2 will now be fully supported in Gran Turismo 7. (PS VR2.) Players will have access to the PS VR2 exclusive “VR Showroom,” where they can check out ultra-high definition car models in a variety of settings and lighting conditions, in addition to experiencing all events (including online races) and game modes with unprecedented realism (with the exception of “2P Split Screen”).

The PlayStation VR2’s second-generation capabilities are fully tapped by the game. Players will experience the most immersive gaming yet thanks to optimized HDR tone mapping, eye tracked foveated rendering (a method that renders portions of the screen where the player is directly looking at them in high definition), and dynamic 3D audio support.