Thrustmaster Released T128 – Budget Force FeedBack Racing Wheel

Great news for all of you who are just entering into the sim racing world. Thrustmaster released T128 – Budget Force FeedBack Racing Wheel. Although we didn’t try it yet it should be a great value for money racing wheel. 

Xbox and PC version is already available while PS5 and PC version is coming on October 27. You can order PlayStation version now but it will not be shipped until October 27. 

The price of Thrustmaster T128 is an absolute bargain. For just $199.99/€199.99/£169.99 you’ll get the Immersive Force FeedBack racing wheel and T2PM magnetic pedal set. This replacement for T150 and TMX steering wheels should be an entry level racing wheel to consider.


Force FeedBack

Thrustmaster T128 uses a Hybrid Drive Force FeedBack technology. Hybrid Drive is a combination of Gear-Driven and Belt-Driven technology. The system should be identical to that used in more expensive T248. You can read more about Force FeedBack technology in our previous article.

Hybrid Drive is still not a Direct Drive system, but it should output enough force to a proper racing experience. It’ll make you feel loss of tire grip in corners and different kinds of bumps. 

The round, lightweight wheel rim should get the most out of all the Force Feedback system’s power. Its 270° to 900° angle of rotation automatically adjusts based on the vehicle being used in the game, for driving adapted to all vehicle styles (GT, rally, F1, trucks).

Magnetic Paddle Shifters

The paddle shifters allows a super-fast gear shifting – only 30 millisecond response time. Thrustmaster T128 uses a H.E.A.R.T. magnetic technology for gear shifters. Although they are plastic you should consider the price of this bundle.

Thrustmaster said that H.E.A.R.T. magnetic technology, delivered via a contactless, frictionless magnetic system, provides outstanding durability over the long term.

Thrustmaster T128

Force Feedback Racing Wheel with Magnetic Pedals

Engine Speed Leds

The 4-color LED strip at the steering wheel will flash when you need to shift to a higher gear. It’s a nice and useful touch to let you know the right time to shift.

Thrustmaster T248 features a built-in display with much more different displays. However, this is a cheaper version of T248 so it shouldn’t be expected to feature that kind of screen. 

Magnetic Pedal Set

The T2PM magnetic pedal set comes in a bundle with a racing wheel. It’s a two-pedal set compared to Thrustmaster T248 which comes with a three-pedal set. The T2PM is equipped with potentiometers. For the price of $199.99 is not to expect the LoadCell technology.

Thrustamster T128 is not made for professional sim racers but rather for begginers. It doesn’t use a Direct Drive technology nor the shifters are made of metal, but it’s more than enough to start with. The biggest advantage should be the price because it can compete with more expensive Logitech’s G920 and 923. 

Would you consider buying the Thrustamster T128? Let us know in a comment!