Thrustmaster T818 Is Here!


Features, Price And Compatibilities

Thrustmaster has entered the Direct Drive market with the introduction of the T818 Direct Drive wheelbase, which was announced during a live stream on Twitch on November 17th.

Front and center is a hexagonal base illuminated by LEDs, which has been teased for over a year but may finally arrive in time for Christmas for specific eager buyers.

The Outstanding Features of the Thrustmaster T818

As standard, 10Nm of continuous torque force is included in the Thrustmaster T818 Direct Drive wheelbase. This system’s lack of a filter was a common criticism since it effectively gives the users unfiltered control.

The entire system, including the French-made engine found therein, is supported by a French-made base.

Aside from a quick-stop force feedback button on the side, the base also features buttons for adjusting the base’s settings.

Adjustable Lighting Strip Of LEDs

The T818 has a customizable LED strip on the front panel. By default, you can cycle among the various colors and alter their intensities.

This is conceptually comparable to the telemetry display on the company’s Formula Wheel Add-On Ferrari SF1000 Edition, where the game developers’ responsibility was to implement the functionality.

Interchangeable Body Plates

On the outside of the T818 wheelbases, you’ll find two metal plates that can be removed. These have a deep blue color right out of the box.

However, for an additional $29.99, you can choose the colored plates of your choice. The launch lineup will have five unique colors.

New Generation Quick Release

Next Gen Quick Release is featured for the first time in the T818, making it the first Thrustmaster system to do so. All prior Thrustmaster rims can be used with the new system by use of an adaptor.

In less than five seconds, you may switch out the wheels on your vehicle by lifting the latch on the base, pulling out the old wheels, and inserting the new ones.


Priced at €34.99, the new Quick Release adaptor is sold separately. In addition, a cockpit mounting kit (for €39.99) and a desk mounting kit (for €49.99) will be available for purchase.

Fortunately, one adaptor is provided in the Thrustmaster T818 packaging if you already have a Thrustmaster rim.

There are also four new rims coming down the line, but we have yet to learn what they are.

Thrustmaster T818 Device Compatibility

When released, the Thrustmaster T818 will be compatible solely with PCs. However, a future plan includes consoles.

The T818 is compatible with older Thrustmaster gear and rims with the right adapters. Thrustmaster has also promised that the wheel will be compatible with future systems.

What Kind Of Ports Are Available?

That’s a great question! There includes:

  • A new RJ45 port for as-yet-unannounced peripherals.
  • A hub for current Thrustmaster pedals.
  • A USB C port for connecting to a computer for firmware changes.

What Is The Thrustmaster T818's Price?

Wheelbase, metallic blue plates, one quick-release adaptor, and region-specific UK, US, or European plugs are included in the package with the base model of the Thrustmaster T818.

Pricing for this set is as follows: £599.99 (GBP), €649.99 (EUR), and $649.99 (USD). The price does not include a steering wheel or pedals.