What is Force FeedBack?

If you already bought some sim racing equipment you have probably heard about the Force Feedback. But what is it exactly?

What is Force Feedback ?

Force FeedBack is a technology used in wheelbases to deliver a proper sim racing feeling of what it’s like in real-life racing.  It tries to replicate what would the driver feel if he is under the exact same conditions in the real life.

For example, the Force Feedback will give you counter-resistance when turning into a tight corner at high speed. It will also shake when you hit a curb, wall, gravel or simply go off the road.

Force FeedBack works with input devices that simulate vehicle operation, such as driving wheels. These devices contain a Force FeedBack motor that applies force to the controller over an axis. On a racing wheel, it’s a rotational force that turns the wheel to simulate an in-game scenario.

Racing wheels which use Force FeedBack technology are more pricey than the ones without it. Unlike regular racing wheels which you can find for under 100 dollars, the Force Feedback racing wheels cost at least 200 dollars. The real racing experience will cost you even a bit more because those racing wheels consist of two parts, a wheelbase, and a steering wheel.

Is Force Feedback Worth It?

Without any doubt. You just don’t have the same feeling in sim racing without Force Feedback. A regular racing wheel is cheaper, that’s for sure, but if you’re already spending some money it shouldn’t be an option. You’ll probably look for other racing wheels within a few days or weeks. 

Try to do some analysis and make your perfect setup from the beginning. What should you bear in mind is that not all racing wheels are compatible with all the platforms. You can’t just pair random wheel base and steering wheel. Different manufacturers and categories of products are on the sim racing market and we will try to do as much analysis as possible in the near future to make your choice easier.