Best Settings for Fanatec GT DD Pro in 2023

Fanatec GT DD Pro Settings - Wheelbase

  • SEN – AUT
  • FFB – 100
  • FFS – Peak
  • NDP – 50
  • NFR – 5
  • NIN – 5
  • INT – OFF
  • FEI 100
  • FOR 100
  • SPR – OFF
  • DPR – 50
  • BLI User Preference
  • BRF User Preference


Gran Turismo 7 Settings In-Game

  • Force Feedback Max Torque: 6 (Depends on the car, 3 for Gr.1, 4 for Gr.2, 5,6 for Gr.3, 7 for Gr.4)
  • Force Feedback Sensitivity: 10

Sensitivity, or SEN

Sensitivity, or SEN, determines the sensitivity of your steering wheel to movement. If you’re driving a car with a maximum rotation of 540 degrees in-game, set the steering wheel to the same. This direct correlation between real-life and in-game movements will give you the best driving experience. So the idea is to match the physical and in-game wheel. While you can personalize this, I do recommend setting it to AUTO.

Force Feedback, or FFB

Force Feedback, or FFB, replicates the mechanical resistance you would feel when turning a real car. Adjust this between 0% and 100% to fine-tune your driving preference. My recommendation? Start with 100% and adjust accordingly in-game.

Force Feedback Scaling, or FFS

Force Feedback Scaling, or FFS, is related to the format of the signal your wheel receives. I recommend the PEAK setting for optimal performance.

Natural Damper, or NDP

Natural Damper, or NDP, adds an additional damper you can adjust from 100 to OFF. At its highest, you get strong dampening reacting to your steering. Turning it OFF means no additional damping, and the wheel turns easily. NDP can also help reduce unwanted wheel oscillation if you have any.

Natural Friction, or NFR

Natural Friction, or NFR, simulates the mechanical feel of your car’s steering. The higher the setting, the more resistance you’ll feel when turning the wheel, which can prevent oscillation and enhance the feel of vehicles without power steering.

Natural Inertia, or NIN

Natural Inertia, or NIN, simulates extra weight on the steering axis. This is especially useful when using lighter wheels like the P1 or McLaren GT3. Note that NIN can also make NFR feel less sticky during direction changes, but they work independently.

Force Feedback Interpolation

Force Feedback Interpolation, or INT, smoothens incoming rough game FFB signals and increases refresh rate. By increasing its value, you reduce the rough feeling and enhance signal smoothness. You can set this to OFF for an unfiltered raw force feedback signal or adjust it from 1 to 20 for interpolation.

Force Effect Intensity, FEI

Force Effect Intensity, FEI: In essence, FEI lets you customize the ‘sharpness’ or ‘softness’ of your force feedback, allowing you to fine-tune your wheel’s response to better match your personal driving preferences. When you increase the value of FEI, the attack impact – or how abruptly force feedback effects are felt – is decreased.

Force, or FOR

Force, or FOR, pushes the steering wheel in a direction. We recommend keeping this at 100% and adjusting other settings in-game.

Spring, or SPR

Spring, or SPR, makes the steering wheel return to its initial position like a real spring. However, I can skip this setting as it doesn’t do much in GT7, so there is no difference if you use it or not.

Damper, or DPR

Damper, or DPR, creates friction. While it’s always good to feel the car a bit better, I suggest minimizing this setting. NDP and DPR work independently of one another, and this setting won’t make much difference in GT7.


Please make sure to change the in-game setting after you adjust it on the wheel. Force Feedback Max Torque: 6 (it depends on the car, for example, 3 for Gr.1, 4 for Gr.2, 5,6 for Gr.3, 7 for Gr.4). Force Feedback Sensitivity: 10

I know the suggested settings are set with sensitivity on 1, but I haven’t noticed any performance difference using it on 1 or 10, so I guess anything can work. Also, every car in the game is different. G.1 cars are fast, and therefore they have more force, which will lead to the steering wheel being heavier than, let’s say, a group 4 car. That’s why I suggest setting everything while using a gr.3 car and then changing the in-game settings as you change the car.

Fanatec V3 Pedal Settings

But now let’s get into V3 pedals settings. Please note that I am using the brake performance kit on medium setup. My travel of the brake pedal is set to 2, and I like to put 100 on the BRF setting, a bit more than I would normally do. The reason is that I can later change the settings in Fanatec software. I know it’s a bit complicated, but you’ll see the difference in the end.


MOZA ES Formula Wheel Mod

The MOZA ecosystem has been rapidly growing in the last couple of months, directly competing with Fanatec in that sense.