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We focus on refining your hot-lapping technique, racecraft and mental strength to improve your fundamentals and overall performance.


Mihael Matika


Author of Gran Turismo Masterclass, Mihael is a top-tier Gran Turismo player, consistently ranking in the top 50 out of tens of thousands of players each week, with multiple Top-10 finishes. World Motorsport Games 2022 Finalist, Olympic Esports Series 2023: Ranked 42 out of 166,328 in the Motor Sport Event, the top 0.03%. YouTube Channel with over 42,000 subscribers.

Luke Elliot

Luke Elliott


Luke, a dedicated sim racer, made impressive strides in GT7’s sport mode, achieving an A+ rank within four months and a 75k rating in another six months. He is consistently ranking in the top 100 in daily races. Luke excels in one-on-one coaching, articulating complex concepts clearly, and helping others avoid common pitfalls.

A: Absolutely! This course is designed to help drivers of all levels understand tracks and adapt to changes. Beginners will see rapid improvements, while advanced drivers can also find areas for enhancement.
A: You’ll need a stable network connection, a PS5 or PS4, and a headset (any mic works). While we can coach pad players, I highly recommend using a wheel for the best results.
A: Results vary based on your current performance:
- If you’re 3+ seconds off the pace, we’ll help you find at least 1 second
- If you’re 2-3 seconds off the pace, expect to gain around 0.5 to 1 second
- If you’re within 2 seconds, we aim to help you shave off at least 0.5 seconds.


Well where do I start. I finally got the courage to book a coaching session. I booked with Luke, too which I will say. Excellent service, communication and direction on the track. It was certainly an eye opening experience for myself to have a more clear indication of where my faults or area's to work on and improve. 

It was a fantastic experience and event. I would highly recommend it with him.


I had the pleasure of working with @DG_Luc Nodaro today and it was incredible! It felt like a secret was unlocked for me in understanding how the top guys are so fast. After playing for about a year with consistent improvement, I had hit a plateau, but Im super excited to apply what I’ve learned. Day 1 and I’ve already dropped .5s off my quali, which was top 1k before the improvement. Well on my way to making it back to A+ after switching to a wheel from controller. Thanks again!


I had a coaching session with Luke (@DG_Luc Nodaro ) last week and it was excellent; far exceeding my expectations. Luke has a real knack for coaching and explains everything in a way that I found very easy to take in and then put into practice. We had two hours together (which flew by), and I felt much more comfortable on the track come the end. My times are getting better, which is great, but more importantly I feel so much more comfortable in the car, knowing what I need to keep practising to improve. 

To summarise, I think if you’re on the fence about coaching, just pull the trigger and get it booked. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


Had a 2 hour session on the weekend with Luc. Was extremely useful and rewarding. Luc is a great coach with an easy style and opened my eyes to a side of SIM racing that I had not "learned along the way". It was great to learn some of the technical aspects to driving in the game that I really didn't have any direct knowledge of and be able to apply them directly to my racing. I now have tools to use for the things I need to work on to improve my driving. Highly recommended. If you are on the fence about getting some coaching, get off that fence and get learning.


Had a HUGE blast with you this morning (my morning) coaching session. You had a way of breaking down concepts in a digestible manner and instantly helped me understand the proper techniques. I will recommend anyone who wants to not only be more competitive, but also to learn what not to do to become a faster driver. I appreciate it!


I had a coaching session with @DG_Luc Nodaro and would like to share my experience. It was a great session and I definitely learned a lot. Luc is not only fast, but he is an excellent teacher as well. The session was well structured. I noticed that he asked in advance a couple of questions to tailor the coaching session exactly to my needs. He started it with explaining what will be in the session and he kept the red line very professionally until the end. He had a good mix of theory and practical exercises. It means you learn & understand why you need to focus and work on certain things. Finally to say that he is a very nice guy and a patient person. At least with me.