CAMMUS C5 Review – $249 Direct Drive


CAMMUS C5 Review – $249 Direct Drive


Cammus C5, an affordable direct-drive sim racing wheel, offers superior feel and feedback. With its under $250 price tag, might be worth considering.

Quality of Materials 9
Price 10
Value 9
Design 8
User Experience 9
  • Unique integration of direct drive into wheel.
  • Genuine leather rim.
  • Superior force feedback compared to entry-level wheels
  • Smaller-than-usual paddle shifters may hinder usability.
  • Unexpected noise emitted during vibrations.
  • Long-term durability remains uncertain.

Sim racing equipment traditionally includes the base, the wheel, and the pedals. All high-end setups start with these three primary components. However, CAMMUS has innovatively integrated the direct drive system into the wheel itself, creating a unique sim racing product – the Cammus C5.

Unboxing the Cammus C5

Camus has thoughtfully sent us a C5 wheel for review. With its unique design, the C5 immediately draws attention. The wheel features a carbon fibre faceplate, a rev indicator, shift lights, aluminium rotary encoders, and several programmable buttons.

The C5 Wheel: A Close Look

The wheel rim, wrapped in genuine leather and meticulously hand-stitched, is aesthetically pleasing. It’s a joy to hold and enhances the in-game experience considerably. Accompanying the wheel is a table clamp, facilitating easy setup for entry-level users. Cockpit or wheel stand users can also easily hard-mount the wheel.

Installation and Setup

Setting up the C5 wheel is slightly different, necessitating a glance at the manual. However, the installation process takes merely 20 minutes. The wheel features a low-profile mounting system and an integrated fan, which is a real space saver depending on your setup. Despite initial apprehensions, the system remains sturdy and does not flex during use.

The Paddle Shifters: A Mixed Bag

The Cammus C5 wheel includes the smallest paddle shifters I have ever encountered. They function quite well, but their size might be an issue for many users. A slight upgrade in the shifter size would greatly enhance the usability of the wheel.

Performance Review

The C5 provides up to five-newton metres of torque and performs as expected. The wheel isn’t without its downsides, however. The noise it emits, especially during vibrations, is noticeable as direct-drive wheels are typically silent. But, with a headset on, this becomes a negligible issue.

The Final Verdict

Despite requiring some fine-tuning, particularly with software, the Camus C5 delivers an enjoyable gaming experience. For its price, it certainly outperforms other entry-level belt and gear-driven wheels.

When compared to products like the Logitech G29 or Thrustmaster T248, the C5 offers superior force feedback, smoother handling, and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

The long-term durability of the C5 remains a concern. However, if you’re new to sim racing or don’t already own a high-end belt-driven or direct drive wheel, the Cammus C5, with its under $249 price tag, might be worth considering.


The Cammus C5 is a unique product in the sim racing market. Despite its minor quirks, it’s an exciting development in the sim racing world, especially considering its affordability. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to test the durability of this promising wheel. Until then, keep racing, stay safe, and have a fantastic day!

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