Gran Turismo 7 – Fanatec Clubsport DD+ Settings

Sensitivity (SEN)

To enhance your driving experience, aim for a close match between the maximum rotation of your in-game wheel (like 540 degrees) and your physical steering wheel. While you can personalise this, using the AUTO setting is usually the best choice for an authentic real-life to in-game movement feel.

Force Feedback (FFB)

FFB replicates the physical resistance you feel when steering a real car. You can adjust this from 0% to 100% based on your personal driving style. A great starting point is 100%, which you can tweak as you play.


FullForce is built from the ground up for FANATEC® Direct Drive, an all-new type of force feedback protocol. Full response with direct drive technology and the ability to create high-frequency vibrations will give more immersion than ever before. That is all in there, every little detail of the road surface, every little variation in the engine sound. It’s only with FullForce that you feel the total drive in a race car. Note that this feature is currently not implemented.

Natural Damper (NDP)

NDP lets you choose your preferred level of damper setting, ranging from a full 100% to completely OFF. Higher settings increase the damping force during steering, while turning it OFF makes the wheel less sensitive. It also helps in reducing unnecessary wheel movements.

Natural Friction (NFR)

NFR enhances the mechanical steering feel of a car. Increasing this setting makes the wheel harder to turn, which is useful in reducing wheel oscillations, particularly in cars without power steering.

Natural Inertia (NIN)

NIN adds extra weight to the steering axis, which is especially beneficial for lighter wheels like the P1 or McLaren GT3. It makes NFR feel less sticky when you change directions, though they work independently of each other.

Force Feedback Interpolation (INT)

By increasing INT, you can smooth out the rough sensations from the game’s FFB signals and improve the refresh rate. You can set it to OFF for raw force feedback, or adjust it between 1 to 20 for smoother interpolation.

Force Effect Intensity (FEI)

FEI lets you adjust the ‘sharpness’ or ‘softness’ of your wheel’s force feedback effects. Increasing FEI tones down the abruptness of these effects, refining the wheel’s response to match your driving style.

Force (FOR)

FOR straightforwardly steers the wheel in a specific direction. It’s best kept at 100% while you adjust other settings in the game.

Spring (SPR)

SPR enables the wheel to spring back to its original position. However, its impact is minimal in GT7.

Damper (DPR)

DPR generates friction, slightly enhancing the feel of the car. It’s best to minimize this setting, as DPR and NDP function separately, and DPR has a limited effect in GT7.

Fanatec Clubsport DD+ Settings

  • SEN – AUTO
  • FFB – 35
  • FULL FORCE – 60 (doesn’t matter at this point)
  • NDP – OFF
  • NFR – 5
  • NIN – 5
  • INT – 2
  • FEI – 100
  • FOR – 100
  • SPR – OFF (don’t matter)
  • DPR – OFF (don’t matter)
  • BLI – OFF
  • SHO – ON
  • MPS – AUTO
  • BRF – 85 (personal preference)


  • In-game FFB – 7
  • Sensitivity – 10

Fanatec V3 Pedal Settings

But now let’s get into V3 pedals settings. Please note that I am using the brake performance kit on medium setup. My travel of the brake pedal is set to 2, and I like to put 100 on the BRF setting, a bit more than I would normally do. The reason is that I can later change the settings in Fanatec software. I know it’s a bit complicated, but you’ll see the difference in the end.


Please make sure to change the in-game setting after you adjust it on the wheel. Force Feedback Max Torque: 6 (it depends on the car, for example, 3 for Gr.1, 4 for Gr.2, 5,6 for Gr.3, 7 for Gr.4). Force Feedback Sensitivity: 10

I know the suggested settings are set with sensitivity on 1, but I haven’t noticed any performance difference using it on 1 or 10, so I guess anything can work. Also, every car in the game is different. G.1 cars are fast, and therefore they have more force, which will lead to the steering wheel being heavier than, let’s say, a group 4 car. That’s why I suggest setting everything while using a gr.3 car and then changing the in-game settings as you change the car.

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