Gran Turismo 7’s January 2024 Update: No Words

Gran Turismo 7 elevates its garage with the addition of the BVLGARI Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo. 

The $4,800 Wristwatch Connection

Owning one of the 1,700 limited edition Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition watches is your ticket to early access. Each watch comes with a QR code that delivers an in-game ticket for this exclusive car. This makes the BVLGARI Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo a prestigious vehicle to showcase in the Paddocks feature. An absolute bargain.

All Features

  1. New Cars Added

    • BVLGARI Aluminium Vision Gran Turismo: Exclusively available early to owners of the limited edition Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition watch.
    • Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Vision Gran Turismo Concept: Available as a reward from the Viewers’ Gift Campaign or for purchase in Brand Central.
    • Suzuki Jimny XC ’18: A new micro off-roader added to the game’s car roster.
  2. Café Menu Expansion

    • Extra Menu No. 34: Focuses on Nissan Motorsports (Collector Level 46+).
    • Extra Menu No. 35: Dedicated to Dodge (Collector Level 32+).
  3. New World Circuits Events

    • Jimny Cup: Featuring tracks like Sardegna – Windmills, Willow Springs International Raceway, and Lake Louise.
    • Vision Gran Turismo Trophy: Including races on Tokyo Expressway and Autodromo Nazionale Monza.
  4. Scapes Feature Enhancements

    • Addition of “Service Area” and “Rotate the camera vertically” options for more creative photography.
  5. Special Note

    • The BVLGARI car will eventually be available in Brand Central about a month after the update, but currently, it’s exclusive to those who have the special edition Bulgari watch.

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