iRacing Revolution: Rain Racing Coming March 2024

We are on the brink of a very special era as March 2024 gets closer, and among the most expected updates, one is the tempest weather system, a feature that is set to revolutionize iRacing by bringing true-to-life rain racing. This innovative addition will make it possible to feel the difference of wet weather for the first time, helping develop both the tyre grip and wet track mastery.

To briefly recap the highlights of the past few months, let us refresh our minds on the now-iconic iRacing Daytona 24, which has reached new heights of excitement and marked an important milestone in the history of sim racing. For instance, the recent Daytona 24 had unmatched participation and viewership, reflecting our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch racing experiences.

When it comes to racing in the rain with Tempest, it is going to be an entirely new playing field, which will take simulation racing to new heights. This feature gets built on how rain comes into contact with the track and the tires, therefore giving the new challenge. The system helps racers understand the conditioning of the track and how to grip it in a real water condition. This must hence be intricately adjusted with a view to guiding the strategy and technique of driving, something that requires a lot of adjustment.

Going by this, we advocate starting with test sessions or AI races. The Tempest system comprises different weather settings, including Forecasted, Static, and Timeline Weather, which also ensures an ample range of adaptability for racing under wet conditions. We are also launching a series whose theme is weather-focused—the Week 13 series, with a view to making fun, yet relaxed racing in wet conditions.

The graphical representation of rain and wet tracks was the project involving a whole lot of work, hence having a very good result, in both the visual aspect and physically accurate representation of how wet racing scenarios look like.

Going beyond the Tempest system and some other additions in Season 2, there are things to look forward to even more. For instance, the circuits of Circuito de Navarra get upgraded, and the weather data and changes made to many of the other tracks. Projects such as the NASCAR Remaster and the expansion into more endurance racing categories are some of the initiatives being done to make sure that iRacing just keeps on providing better and improved stuff.

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