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Special thanks to Ramón Paulino for his help in this project.


Please be aware that there may be some variations in actual performance as this is simply a theoretical upshift point.

The file is uploaded to Google Sheets and should be used there. If you want to use the file in Excel, some formulas will need to be adjusted.

1. Step

Add the transmission values from the settings tab in-game to the sheets.

Transmission values

Wheel size (diameter)

Please note that you need to enter the diameter, not the radius of the wheels.

Step 2.

Locate the torque curve in the turbo or ECU section (GRAY LINE). Also you need to copy the picture and save it on your PC.

Torque Curve Gran Turismo 7

Locate the X1 (blue dot), X2 (blue dot), Y1 (red dot) and Y2 (red dot) values to form graphic values. The app tracks pixels and you have to manually add the white dots to track the line. 

Also, you need to enter the X-axis and Y-axis values on the right side of the interface. Y1 is always 0 and Y2 is the peak torque (65 in this case). X1 is 1.000 in this case or the start of x-axis and X2 is max. revs, this case 8.000.

3. Step

In the upper left corner there are a couple of options to export the values from the app. Click on “Copy to clipboard” to copy the values. 

IMPORTANT: More points on the graph will lead to more accurate results.

Go back to the Google Sheet and paste the values into cell A1.

Then you will need to click in “Split text to columns” to divide the values. 

Now there is the right split of values and the sheets can process the data. Please have a look at the progress bar to see if the data is refreshing (upper right corner).

4. Step

Find you optimal shifting points in the “RESULTS” tab. 

Remember that while this computation uses seven speeds, a car only has six. Therefore, shifting up into seventh gear may be disregarded. In this case I used only 12 reference points on the graph and shifting points are different from the one where I used more reference points.