Sim Racing Monitor – What to Look For?


When speaking about sim racing setups, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably a cockpit with a huge triple screen. But do you really need a triple screen for sim racing and what to look for when buying sim racing monitor. 

What to look for?

As always the product perfect for everyone doesn’t exist so it really depends. For beginners it wouldn’t be a good recommendation to buy a triple screen or some quite expensive ultrawide screen. It’s certainly better to invest more money in racing wheel and pedals while buying an affordable single screen.

Another thing to bear in mind is the space you have. A triple screen takes much more space than even a quite large ultrawide screen. Considering just the screen price, an ultrawide screen costs more than three flat screens but besides the space you will also need a proper equipment to make the triple screen work. And not all PC’s could fire up three screens. 

Screen size

Again, the screen size is dependent on the rest of your setup. There are three different recommendations regarding which setup you’re using. 

For a single screen, you shouldn’t be looking for anything smaller than 30″. But, if you’re going for a single screen there is also a limitation. In our opinion, anything larger than 42″ will negatively affect your field of view. It will not be easy to focus on the whole screen when sitting so close in front of a larger screen.

When comes to an ultrawide screen, the perfect size would be between 34″ and 49″. This will allow you to sit closely while still getting a decent field of view. 

In case you’re going for a triple screen, the 27″ screens would be perfect. You can extend that to 32″ screens if you have a larger room and a bit more money to spend. Anything larger than that is not recommended. 


8k resolution is absolutely perfect for gaming. However, those screens are still out of reach for most of us. Not many PC setups are capable of running an 8k resolution and there aren’t many of those screens on the market. While perfect, the 8k resolution is still the thing of future. 

The new consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are capable of running a 4k resolution. At 4k, your image will look stunning and this is currently the most recommended resolution. If you’re using a PC you need to check if your GPU is capable of running this resolution. 

Full HD screens which outputs at 1080p will produce an image that looks sharp on a smaller screen. If you’re using a 30″ single screen, the 1080p will do just fine.

Last but not least, 1440p is still the resolution used by most of sim racers. It’s not requiring too much power from GPU while providing a sharp image. Most ultrawide screens will run beatifully at 1440p. Besides 4k resolution, it’s our top pick when it comes to resolution.

Refresh rate

The higher the better. A higher refresh rate delivers smoother image quality and a more satisfying gaming experience. It refers to how many times your monitor updates and creates new images and pictures. 

At a 30 Hz screen, the images can be reproduced 30 times per second. A 60 Hz screen can reproduce the images 60 times per second, which is double the time of 30 Hz. 

For sim racing, 60 Hz is barely a minimum you should consider. 144hz or 240hz will offer you a serious competitive advantage when driving on the limit. However, higher refresh rates require higher hardware configuration. Your CPU and GPU need to be powerful enough to reproduce the images to cope with the high refresh rate you desire. 

Bezel width

This is not something to consider thoroughly if you’re opting for a single screen or an ultrawide one. However, when it comes to a triple screen bezel width became much more important. You would certainly want to eliminate as much space with no screen as possible when you’re pairing three screens. 

No matter which setup you’re using, the smaller bezel width is better in any situation. 

Our recommendations for best sim racing monitors are coming soon so follow us for more content.

If you’re willing to share your preferable setup, feel free to do it. 

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