TOCA Ends Deal with Motorsport Games

TOCA Ends Deal with Motorsport Games

It’s with a bit of a shocker to British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) fans as news that TOCA, the organization behind BTCC, has announced. This decision, from what TOCA describes as “ongoing fundamental breaches” of the agreement, represents a new era for the BTCC world in gaming.

Only a few months ago, Motorsport Games, one of the major players in the racing game sector, had sealed the rights to the creation of BTCC-themed games. This collaboration promised to bring the excitement of one of the UK’s best-loved motor racing series to the world of gaming. Nevertheless, it seems from the recent TOCA statement that Motorsport Games has not fulfilled the contractual obligations but that it was given opportunities to rectify these problems.

But as a BTCC fan myself, I can only say that I am really sorry to bring you this news. Especially to those who have been waiting for a new BTCC game with bated breath. This decision by TOCA, though unfortunate, does reinstate the fact that they are committed to protecting the intellectual property and the integrity of the BTCC, its participants, and partners.

While it’s not the most exciting news in the world, the big question is, what now for BTCC video games? Who will be next up to take on the mantle in bringing the high-speed action of the BTCC back to our screens? So, while we wait to see how the Pro Series takes up, let’s take a look at some of the legacy of BTCC games and how it brought the series closer to its fanbase, albeit on a computer screen.

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