Using Motec Telemetry in Gran Turismo 7

Telemetry in Gran Turismo 7

If you’re a sim racer or a fan of the Gran Turismo series, you’ll know that detailed telemetry data can help improve your driving skills, fine-tune your car’s setup, and give you an edge over your competitors. One of the tools that can provide comprehensive telemetry data is Motec. In this guide, we’ll go through the steps of using Motec Telemetry in Gran Turismo 7.

1. Install gt.exe:

2. Download and Install Motec:

Visit the official Motec website and download the latest version of their software:

3. Creating a Telemetry File in Gran Turismo 7

  • Boot up Gran Turismo 7.

  • Begin a race or time trial and complete a lap. Make sure not to stop or skip the lap as the telemetry data will be recorded throughout.

  • You can also load replays
  • Once the lap is over, Gran Turismo 7 will automatically save the telemetry data in the location where the gt7.exe file is stored.

  • Note: In my case, the gt7.exe was located on my desktop.

4. Transferring Logs to Motec:

  • Navigate to the directory where your gt7.exe is stored. You’ll find a folder named logs which contains all the telemetry data.

  • Copy the files from the logs folder.

Paste them into the directory where you’ve installed Motec or any other preferred location.

5. Analyzing Telemetry Data with Motec:

  • Open Motec software and navigate to the folder where you’ve stored the telemetry logs.

  • Select the logs you wish to analyze and open them.

Now, dive deep into the data, understand your car’s performance, your braking points, acceleration, and more. The insights you gain here can be invaluable in shaving off those extra seconds from your lap times.

In conclusion, Motec is an incredible tool for sim racers, offering a detailed look into every aspect of your driving and your car’s performance. Using it alongside Gran Turismo 7 will not only make you a better racer but also enhance your understanding of racing dynamics.