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Joining us is free; just use DG before your usual nickname and you’re in. Our aim is a self-sustaining community of drivers, livery editors, and moderators, dedicated to nurturing and promoting emerging talents.

Steps to Join!

  1. Please make sure to apply to the form to receive the latest news. 
  2. Use DG before your nickname in the game (example: DG_Digit)
  3. Find liveries that suit your style searching the tag: “digit” in Gran Turismo 7
  4. Drive and respect others around you


Dedicated YouTube followers contribute to our cause through channel memberships.



Show support directly via YouTube Super Chats. Every contribution, big or small, drives our mission forward.


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Making a purchase through our affiliate links, especially with our partner GT OMEGA (use code "DIGIT" for a 5% discount), grants us a small commission. It's a seamless way to back us without any extra cost to you.


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Enhance your brand's visibility by featuring your livery on our custom designs. It's a unique opportunity to merge marketing with support.

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How Are We Funded

Our journey is supported by a combination of different funding sources. Here’s a closer look at how our community keeps us running.

Digit Racing

How Are We Funded?

Our operational model thrives on various pillars of funding, ensuring that our platform remains accessible, qualitative, and responsive to our community’s needs. Let’s delve deeper: Memberships Dedicated YouTube followers contribute

Useful Links

If you’re considering buying equipment, using our affiliate links is an effortless way to support us. For every purchase made, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Plus, with GT OMEGA, you can avail a special 5% discount using the code “DIGIT” – a win-win for both!

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