Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Extreme is Here!

This kit brings a more substantial, feature-rich steering wheel equipped with a 2.7-inch OLED display to the table. It significantly outperforms its predecessor, the GT DD Pro, by offering up to 15 Nm of torque—tripling the power and enhancing the force feedback customisation options for an unparalleled racing experience. Compatible across PC, PS5, PS4, and adaptable for Xbox use with an Xbox-licensed wheel, the GT DD Extreme was launched on February 9, 2024, and is priced at $1,299.

Developed in partnership with Polyphony Digital and officially licensed for PlayStation, the steering wheel boasts a premium vegan leather grip, further enhancing its appeal. The integrated OLED display facilitates access to the Tuning Menu and Intelligent Telemetry Mode (ITM), supported by 19 RGB LEDs for a fully immersive racing simulation. The ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base, designed to accommodate the QR2 quick-release system, introduces Fanatec’s FullForce technology—a new, innovative force feedback protocol specifically for Fanatec Direct Drive systems.

The GT DD Extreme and ClubSport DD+ setup promises an extraordinary racing simulation, particularly with games like Gran Turismo 7, offering consistent, high-quality force feedback and a realistic racing experience over extended sessions without any loss in performance. This system is praised for its thermal efficiency and the sustained delivery of torque, although it’s important to note that the bundle does not include pedals, which are sold separately.

For those seeking an alternative PlayStation-compatible wheel bundle that surpasses 10 Nm of torque, the Logitech G PRO emerges as the sole contender, boasting 11 Nm of torque and priced around $1,000/€1,100. The GT DD Extreme’s steering wheel has undergone significant enhancements in quality and detail, providing a more authentic and immersive sim racing experience.

Overall, the Fanatec Gran Turismo Extreme DD stands as a premium investment in sim racing hardware, delivering an unforgettable experience through its high torque, precise feedback, and broad platform compatibility, setting a new standard for serious sim racing enthusiasts.

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