Fanatec Pedals Showdown: CSL Elite V2 vs. Clubsport V3

Fanatec Pedals Showdown: CSL Elite V2 vs. Clubsport V3

The Fanatec V3 and CSL Elite V2 pedals each bring their unique strengths to the racing experience, with the CSL Elite V2s marking a significant step forward in Fanatec’s lineup. Here’s a comparison and analysis of these two pedal sets to help sim racers decide which one suits their needs best.

Design and Build Quality: A Detailed Examination

The Fanatec V3 pedals are renowned for their robust construction and sophisticated design, utilizing high-quality metals to ensure durability and a premium look. This attention to detail underscores the brand’s commitment to quality, appealing to sim racers who value both aesthetics and long-lasting performance.


Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3

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A blend of luxury and performance, the V3s offer sim racers unparalleled adjustability, build quality, and a tailored racing experience.

Quality of Materials 9
Price 9
Value 10
Design 9
User Experience 8
  • Comprehensive customization: From pedal faces to throttle springs, adapt to your racing style.
  • Exceptional build quality: Combines aesthetic brilliance with durable materials for long-term use.
  • Advanced throttle control: Multiple springs enable refined input for smoother acceleration.
  • Steep pricing: The initial investment might deter casual sim racers or budget-conscious enthusiasts.
  • Optimal brake feel demands an extra purchase: The Brake Performance Kit is almost essential.
  • Adjustability can be overwhelming: New users might face a learning curve mastering settings.

Fanatec CSL Elite V2 Pedals

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The Fanatec CSL Elite V2 Pedals set a new standard in the sim racing world, offering an exceptional blend of realism, durability, and adjustability.

Quality of Materials 9
Price 9
Value 10
Design 8
User Experience 9
  • Realistic braking with 90 kg load cell.
  • Durable, premium aluminum build.
  • Precise Hall-Effect sensors for accuracy.
  • High price point for beginners.

Conversely, the CSL Elite V2 pedals represent a notable shift towards a more functional and user-centric design. Eschewing the sleek look of the V3s for a more industrial vibe, the V2s focus on enhancing the racing experience with a new brake design that promises a realistic and responsive feel, demonstrating Fanatec’s dedication to innovation.

Design and Build Quality: A Closer Look

The Fanatec V3 pedals have long been celebrated for their robust construction and elegant design. Crafted with high-quality metals, these pedals not only look premium but are built to withstand the rigours of intense racing sessions. The polished metal surfaces reflect a commitment to quality and durability, making them a favourite among sim racers who appreciate both aesthetics and performance.


On the other side, the CSL Elite V2 pedals mark a significant evolution in Fanatec’s pedal design philosophy. Moving away from the sleek aesthetics of the V3s, the V2s adopt a more industrial and rugged appearance. This design choice isn’t just about looks; it reflects the improvements made over the previous Elite models, focusing on functionality and user experience. The new brake design, in particular, stands out as a testament to Fanatec’s commitment to innovation, providing a more realistic and responsive braking feel that appeals to serious racers.

Features and Adjustability

The V3 pedals stand out for their exceptional adjustability, offering racers the ability to fine-tune their setup to match their racing style perfectly. This includes adjustments to pedal face position, angle, and spring stiffness, along with additional upgrade options like damper kits for further customization.

The CSL Elite V2 pedals, while not as adjustable as the V3s, prioritize simplicity and efficacy. With a selection of elastomers for the load cell brake and an adjustable preload spring, they offer enough customization to satisfy most racers without overwhelming them with choices, focusing on improving braking performance in a user-friendly manner.

Performance: Breaking Down the Differences

The braking performance of the CSL Elite V2 pedals is a standout feature, offering a realistic and responsive feel that mimics real-world racing conditions. This focus on braking helps racers execute precise maneuvers on the track, enhancing control and competitiveness.

The V3 pedals, while not as specialized in braking, provide a balanced performance across all inputs. Their adjustability ensures racers can achieve an ideal setup, important for a comprehensive racing experience that encompasses all aspects of driving dynamics.

Track Performance

In the quest to determine which pedal set, the Fanatec V3 or CSL Elite V2, offers the superior performance for sim racers, I conducted a detailed analysis based on a series of races. 

Evaluation focused on comparing the fastest lap times, average lap times, median lap times, and the standard deviation of lap times achieved with each set of pedals. These metrics offer a comprehensive view of not just the peak performance but also the consistency and reliability of each pedal set under competitive conditions.

All Laps

MetricFanatec V3 PedalsCSL Elite V2 Pedals
Fastest Lap1:43.9991:43.977
Average Lap1:44.2841:44.547
Median Lap1:44.2191:44.303
Standard Deviation0.2750.573

Top 5 Laps

MetricFanatec V3 PedalsCSL Elite V2 Pedals
Fastest Lap1:43.9991:43.977
Average Lap1:44.0651:44.191
Median Lap1:44.0841:44.237
Standard Deviation0.0440.122

Fastest Lap: The CSL Elite V2 pedals edged out the Fanatec V3 pedals by a mere 0.022 seconds in the fastest lap category. This slight advantage indicates that the V2 pedals can support competitive racing at the highest level, providing the necessary precision for peak performance.

Average and Median Lap Times: The V3 pedals show a slight edge in both average and median lap times, suggesting a more consistent performance across multiple laps. This consistency is crucial for racers who aim for reliability and steady performance throughout a race.

Standard Deviation: The standard deviation in lap times further illustrates the consistency advantage of the V3 pedals. With a lower standard deviation, the V3 pedals demonstrate less variability in lap times, indicating a more predictable and controllable racing experience. In contrast, the higher standard deviation of the V2 pedals suggests a wider range of lap times, which could reflect a steeper learning curve or greater sensitivity to driving technique.

All Laps

  • Fastest Lap: Fanatec V3 (1:43.999) vs. CSL Elite V2 (1:43.977) – CSL Elite V2 edges out by a hair!
  • Average Lap: Fanatec V3 (1:44.284) is slightly faster than CSL Elite V2 (1:44.547).
  • Median Lap: Fanatec V3 (1:44.219) shows more consistent performance compared to CSL Elite V2 (1:44.303).
  • Standard Deviation: Fanatec V3 (0.275) demonstrates tighter lap times than CSL Elite V2 (0.573), indicating more consistency across all laps.

Top 5 Laps Analysis (Errors Excluded):

  • Fastest Lap: Remains virtually the same with Fanatec V3 (1:43.999) and CSL Elite V2 (1:43.977).
  • Average Lap: Fanatec V3 improves significantly to 1:44.065, closer to its fastest lap, whereas the CSL Elite V2 averages at 1:44.191.
  • Median Lap: Fanatec V3 maintains a strong median at 1:44.084, compared to CSL Elite V2’s 1:44.237.
  • Standard Deviation: Fanatec V3 shows remarkable consistency with a deviation of just 0.044, far outperforming CSL Elite V2’s 0.122.

Value for Money

Priced at $399.95, the V3 pedals are an investment in advanced features and customization capabilities, justifying their cost for racers seeking the pinnacle of personalization and performance.

At $299.95, the CSL Elite V2 pedals offer exceptional performance at a more accessible price point. Their improved braking system, in particular, presents a compelling value proposition, enhancing race results without a hefty investment.

Final Thoughts: Making Your Choice

Choosing between the Fanatec V3 and CSL Elite V2 pedals comes down to personal priorities. If customization and adjustability are paramount, the V3 pedals are the ideal choice. For those focused on braking performance and value, the CSL Elite V2 pedals are hard to beat. Both options promise to elevate your sim racing experience, but the final decision rests on what aspects of racing are most important to you.

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