First Impression of Fanatec Clubsport DD+

First Impression of Fanatec Clubsport DD+

Welcome to a detailed exploration of the Fanatec ClubSport DD+. Recently, I have had the opportunity to upgrade from the GT DD Pro to this new model, and I am here to share an expanded perspective on this exciting development in sim racing hardware.

Unboxing and Installation

Initial Impressions: The ClubSport DD+ arrives in a well-packed box, which gives a feel of the premium product. Installation Process: Setting up the ClubSport DD+ is straightforward. While setting the old GT DD Pro was always a hassle, the ClubSport DD+ requires minimal effort and little technical know-how. Most of the problem on the GT DD Pro were the bolts on the bottom, that were really difficult to get into place. With the DD+ the bolts are held firmly in place with minimal space for them to move. This significantly makes the process of installation easier.

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QR2 - Quick Release System

The new QR2 Pro system is a standout feature. Not only does it look great, but its functionality is top-notch. That may be small, but the speed with which you can swap between steering wheels is a game-changer, especially for those who enjoy many different types of racing games and need to change setups quickly.

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Feel and Handling

Force Feedback: The ClubSport DD+ presents a refined force feedback experience. While it is tough to determine the feel of the GT DD Pro versus the ClubSport DD+, the latter seems to be more connected and responsive in feedback. Lap Time Improvement: Although it improved lap times only a little bit, the difference that goes into how the car reacts to inputs and how the force feedback provides insight into the track conditions was very apparent. In the end the difference in lap times was around 0.1 seconds. Of course, it's hard to make a conclusion in just a couple of days. The real effects will be shows after a longer use.

Quick Release System

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Ease of use: The ease of the wheel change that the QR2 Pro system facilitates can't be overstated. Useful for those who run multiple steering wheels for different racing disciplines. Build Quality: The build quality of the quick-release system is great. The wheelbase feels strong and reliable, especially in high-speed turns.

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Fanatec Clubsport DD+ Force Feedback Settings

Optimal Settings: Finding the right setting in the force feedback of Gran Turismo 7 is subjective. However, after maxing the feedback on the wheelbase, it is the best approach to adjust them within the game to achieve the most realistic driving experience. Comfort: Decreasing force feedback intensity to maintain focus in the driving process rather than wrestling with the wheel seems to work for me. This balance is something each player will need to fine-tune based on their comfort and driving style. ACC and iRacing: The ClubSport DD+ works well on sims like ACC and iRacing. The performance capabilities of the wheelbase seem to come to life, making the drivers feel it more in those simulations. Just to mention ACC here, the reduction of "gain" in the game is simply something I wanted to avoid since it just cuts all the information from the base. Therefore, I reduced the FFB and increased the gain to 75. To me, having to fight the wheelbase is simply distracting, and I am not really getting the benefit of it, even if the base is sometimes clipping. iRacing on the other hand, was really good.

  • SEN - AUTO
  • FFB - 35
  • FULL FORCE - 60 (doesn't matter)
  • NDP - OFF
  • NFR - 5
  • NIN - 5
  • INT - 2
  • FEI - 100
  • FOR - 100
  • SPR - OFF (don't matter)
  • DPR - OFF (don't matter)
  • BLI - OFF
  • SHO - ON
  • MPS - AUTO
  • BRF - 85 (personal preference)
  • In-game FFB - 7
  • Sensitivity - 10

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Performance and Lap Times

Measurable Improvement: This small improvement in lap times is noted. It suggests that the ClubSport DD+ could give competitive racers a small advantage, but it is not enough to take over from other wheelbases. Experience Factor: The ClubSport DD+ enhances experience but doesn't replace skills and practice.

First Impression of Fanatec Clubsport DD+ | Image 1521

Final Thoughts

GT DD Pro vs. ClubSport DD+: As a dedicated GT7 racer, the GT DD Pro might just do the job. While the ClubSport DD Plus offers an upgrade in the experience, there may be less investment needed for those very serious about sim racing across several platforms. Versatility and Precision: The ClubSport DD+ strength lies in its adaptability and precision across different racing sims. It is a very good choice for serious sim racing enthusiasts who seek performance and versatility from their gear. Thank you for reading, and I hope this first review gives you more insight into the ClubSport DD+. Stay tuned for a more in-depth analysis after further testing. Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments. Thanks for reading, and happy racing!

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