MOZA’s R3 Bundle: New Chapter for MOZA

The R3 bundle by MOZA Racing is an intriguing proposition. While it may not tick every box for every sim racing aficionado—like my personal leanings toward leather grips—it brings a lot to the table. The compactness paired with its torque, PC compatibility right out of the box, and the promise of future offerings make it an enticing package. The force feedback might need some tweaks to reach perfection, but it’s a worthy contender in the market as it stands.


MOZA R3 Bundle

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Compact MOZA R3 boasts a robust 3.9 Nm motor, versatile design, and realistic SR-P Lite Pedals. Some feedback lacks punch; ISF grips over leather. Limited Xbox compatibility. But a step forward.

Quality of Materials 8
Price 8
Value 8
Design 9
User Experience 9
  • Robust 3.9 Nm motor offers higher torque than most competitors, ensuring superior force feedback.
  • Compact design adaptable to various setups, maximizing flexibility for users with limited space.
  • SR-P Lite Pedals with Performance Kit offer an ultra-realistic pedal feel for an immersive race.
  • Force feedback is decent but lacks that extra punch some seasoned racers might desire.
  • ES wheel's ISF grips, while durable, lack the tactile pleasure of the original leather coating.
  • Only the ES wheel in the bundle is Xbox-compatible, limiting options for console gamers.

MOZA R3 Bundle Review

Chapter 1: Anticipation Meets Reality

The day began with the signature chime of my doorbell, signaling the arrival of the MOZA Racing’s R3 Bundle. From its packaging alone, the promise of quality and precision was evident. Setting it up with my PC was a breeze, a testament to MOZA Racing’s emphasis on user experience.

Chapter 2: Tiny Titan – The Powerhouse R3

My initial run with the R3 was illuminating. The compact wheelbase came equipped with a potent 3.9 Nm motor. For those familiar with the Logitech G29 and its 2.2nm torque, the R3’s delivery is a significant step up. Besides its performance, the small footprint is a bonus for those with space constraints or who favor a minimalist setup.

Chapter 3: Steering Wheel – A Sensory Shift

While the updated ES steering wheel’s ISF grips are durable, I did find myself missing the tactile satisfaction of the original’s leather coating. Although I couldn’t delve into the Xbox compatibility personally, the information on hand suggests this ES wheel is currently MOZA’s exclusive offering tailored for the Xbox console. Regarding its versatility with other MOZA bases, the guiding principle is this: If there’s a pedal port (like in the R3, R5, and R12), the wheel should effortlessly sync. A design thought that promises flexibility for future models.

Chapter 4: SR-P Pedals and the Essential Performance Kit

MOZA’s SR-P Lite Pedals are a strong component in their own right, but the real game-changer is the Performance Kit. This upgrade refines the pedal experience, offering:

  • Realistic Pedal Feel: The pairing of spring and damping block amps up the braking resistance, resulting in a pedal feel that’s progressively realistic.

  • Durability: These components are built to last, designed to endure thousands of racing hours.

  • Ease of Installation: Integrating the Performance Kit is a straightforward affair. A couple of screws at the top, the bottom pivots slotting into their grooves, and you’re set for a heightened pedal experience.

It’s evident that for anyone wanting to maximize the R3 Bundle’s potential, this Performance Kit isn’t just an addition; it’s a must.

Chapter 5: The Price Point and Beyond

To offer a global perspective, the R3 Bundle’s pricing across major currencies is:

  • USD$399.00
  • EUR € 439.00
  • GBP £399.00
  • AUD 689.00
  • JPY 58,800.00

For the spectrum of features and the craftsmanship on display, this pricing seems judicious. Additionally, the whisperings of the Xbox-compatible ES wheel becoming available separately and the future launch of more such wheels hint at a promising horizon for sim racers.

MOZA R3 Bundle Compatibility

 If a wheelbase has a pedal port, like the R3 base, current R5, and R12 bases, it can work with the Xbox-compatible steering wheel. Future wheelbases with a pedal port will also support this Xbox-compatible wheel.

Yes, the Xbox-compatible ES wheel might be sold separately. And MOZA is planning to release more Xbox-compatible wheels in the future.

Wrapping Up: The Complete MOZA R3 Experience

Embarking on the R3 journey was a mix of nostalgia, especially when it came to the steering wheel feel, and a forward-gazing optimism seen in innovations like the Performance Kit for the pedals. While there’s a scope for refinement in areas like force feedback, MOZA Racing has delivered a robust contender with the R3. One can only wait with bated breath to see where they steer next.