APEX Steering Wheel Stand by GT Omega - Review

APEX Steering Wheel Stand by GT Omega - Review

9.2Total score

APEX Steering Wheel Stand

  • For less than $129.95, this product offers an exceptional value
  • It's highly customizable to match your height and preferences.
  • While the stand offers great stability, for direct drives (over 5nm) it may still move slightly, which could disrupt the experience.

Apex Steering Wheel Stand Review

Looking back to my college days, living in a tiny room on a serious budget, I can recall the frustration of trying to master tracks with my gear set up on a regular desk and chair, and my performance was far from satisfying. Everything was always on the move, and the lack of stability seriously impacted my gaming experience. I can relate to anyone who's facing similar issues; it's like trying to win a race with a flat tire.

Then came the decision that changed my gaming life – buying a stand for my wheel. Later I moved on to a Playseat and a G29 wheel. This was a game changer, and it was the beginning of my journey towards a more realistic sim racing experience. It's remarkable how a simple piece of equipment can make such a significant difference, and I can say that it changed a portion of my life.

And this is where our story begins today. If you're in the position I was back in my college days or simply want to make a difference and move on from a desk and a chair, this review might be the sign you're waiting for to make a change. Let's dive into the world of sim racing with a detailed review of the APEX Steering Wheel Stand from GT Omega.

Assembly Experience

The journey with the APEX Steering Wheel Stand began with assembly. For those who have a bit of DIY experience, this should be an easy installation. On average, you should expect to spend about 20 to 30 minutes on assembly. Everything you need to put this beast together comes right in the box, including all the screws and accessories. The build process was straightforward and intuitive, which is a huge plus for any sim racing enthusiast, especially if you're setting up your rig for the first time.

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The Structure and Stability

This stand is crafted from a premium grade steel, which guarantees both strength and durability. It's capable of withstanding considerable force exerted by the most powerful steering wheels. This framework allows for consistent, long-term performance without any compromise in structural integrity. The X-frame design further ensures optimum balance, offering you a stable base that remains steady during gaming sessions.

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The stand's height adjustability from 67cm to 86cm provides a significant benefit for users of different heights. This wide range of adjustability allows for a personalized setup, ensuring an ergonomic and comfortable gaming experience. Regardless of whether you're seated on a low couch or a high gaming chair, you can adjust the stand to match your seating height and preferred viewing angle. This flexibility can also help reduce physical strain during extended gaming sessions.


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Chair Link Feature: The inclusion of a chair link feature is a nice addition, enhancing the stability of the setup. This link secures the stand to your gaming chair, ensuring that the seat remains in place during your gaming sessions. This can be particularly advantageous when using powerful force feedback wheels that could otherwise cause the seat to move. Moreover, it also enhances safety by preventing any unexpected shifting of the chair, which could potentially disrupt your game or cause accidents.

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Compatibility and Adjustments

GT Omega’s APEX Steering Wheel Stand isn’t just about stability and strength; it’s also about adaptability. The stand is pre-drilled and compatible with all major wheels and pedals, and the multi-adjustable frame allows you to set it up precisely as you like. The Apex gear shifter mount, included in the package, can easily be mounted on either side of the Wheel Stand according to your preference. The pedal plate angle can be adjusted to match many realistic racing positions without compromising on stability.


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Convenience and Storage

One of the greatest strengths of the APEX Steering Wheel Stand is its convenience. Whether you need to make quick adjustments or store it away, this stand has you covered. The variable, pre-drilled mounting points are a joy to work with. And when it comes to storage, the stand can easily be folded away in seconds without having to remove any of your equipment, making it an excellent solution for those with limited space.

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In addition to these key features, it's worth noting that the APEX Steering Wheel Stand is likely to come with user-friendly assembly instructions and required hardware for mounting various types of steering wheels and pedals.


In conclusion, the APEX Steering Wheel Stand is a top contender in the realm of budget-friendly sim racing equipment. Its superior build quality, adjustability, and innovative chair link feature set it apart from other stands in its price range. At a modest $129,95, it not only offers excellent value for money, but also ensures a robust, comfortable, and immersive experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gamer looking for an affordable yet high-quality stand, the APEX Steering Wheel Stand is an investment worth making.


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