Introducing Fanatec CSL Universal Hub V2

The world of sim racing wheels is about to witness an incredible evolution. Fanatec, a name synonymous with precision and quality in sim racing, is thrilled to announce the arrival of their CSL Universal Hub V2 and an exciting lineup of nine new steering wheels, all available at an unbeatable price of 199.95€!

The Innovations in CSL Universal Hub V2

The CSL Universal Hub V2 isn’t just a successor—it’s a reinvention. This latest hub maintains the trademark width adjustment feature from the original design, allowing it to seamlessly fit different wheel rim diameters. This means whether you’re sporting a compact formula-style rim or a larger GT-style wheel, the Universal Hub V2 will be your perfect companion.

The new metal bracing is another testament to Fanatec’s commitment to unmatched quality and durability. With an impressive improvement in rigidity by up to 23%, users can expect heightened stability and smoother experiences. And for those who crave sharp, tactile shifts, the redesigned shifter paddles bring not only a more comfortable shape but also feature a brand-new spring mechanism.

Exceptional Value Across the Globe

The brilliance of the CSL Universal Hub V2 isn’t limited to its design and features—it’s also evident in its pricing. Regardless of your location, the V2 is introduced at the same price as its predecessor:

  • EU: 149.95€
  • US: $149.95
  • Japan: ¥20,000
  • Australia: $249.90

Furthermore, in a bid to bring even more value to the table, Fanatec offers a spectacular deal for those purchasing the CSL Universal Hub V2 alongside select Fanatec Wheel Rims:

CSL Universal Hub V2 and New Wheel Rim Bundles

CSL Universal Hub V2

The Fanatec Ecosystem: A League of Its Own

With this launch, Fanatec further cements its position in the sim racing world. The choices and the quality on offer are unmatched, providing both seasoned pros and newcomers with a plethora of options to tailor their sim racing experience.


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