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Fanatec Pedals Showdown: CSL LC vs. V3

Aesthetics and Build V3 Pedals: The age of the V3s does not undermine their aesthetic value. The polished metal highlights and sleek design give them a modern yet classic appearance.


MOZA’s R3 Bundle: New Chapter for MOZA

The R3 bundle by MOZA Racing is an intriguing proposition. While it may not tick every box for every sim racing aficionado—like my personal leanings toward leather grips—it brings a


CAMMUS C5 Review – $249 Direct Drive

Sim racing equipment traditionally includes the base, the wheel, and the pedals. All high-end setups start with these three primary components. However, CAMMUS has innovatively integrated the direct drive system


The Breakdown of MOZA’s KS GT Racing Wheel

MOZA KS Wheel Review Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers and Steel The MOZA KS GT wheel embodies a blend of craftsmanship and material ingenuity. Made from carbon fiber reinforced polymers, it


MOZA R12: New 12Nm MOZA Wheel Base

Discovering the MOZA R12: Redefining Direct Drive Wheelbase options have seen a significant expansion, thanks to MOZA’s diverse offerings in the past year. Spanning from a light 5 Nm to