Fanatec Wheel Settings Guide

Learn how to optimize Fanatec Wheel settings. Adjust settings like SEN, FFB, NDP, and FEI to match your personal style and enhance your racing performance. This example is made with Fanatec Clubsport DD+ wheelbase. Keep in mind that for other wheelbases these settings need to be changed. 

My Settings

  • SEN – AUTO
  • FFB – 50 (depends on the car)
  • FULL FORCE – 60 (doesn’t matter at this point)
  • NDP – 5
  • NFR – 10
  • NIN – 5
  • INT – 3
  • FEI – 100
  • FOR – 100
  • SPR – OFF (don’t matter)
  • DPR – OFF (don’t matter)
  • BLI – OFF
  • SHO – ON
  • MPS – AUTO
  • BRF – 85 (personal preference)
For Gran Turismo 7
  • In-game FFB – 8
  • Sensitivity – 10

*updated 19th of April 2024.

Explanations of Fanatec Wheelbase Settings

  • Sensitivity (SEN): Try to get as close a match as you can between the maximum rotation of your in-game wheel (something like 540 degrees) and your physical steering wheel. Although this can be adjusted somewhat, the AUTO setting will be best for the most authentic real-life to in-game movement feel.

  • Force Feedback (FFB): FFB replicates the sense of natural resistance you would feel in real life if you were driving a real car. It’s adjustable from 0% to 100% for your very personal style of driving. Perhaps the best starting point is 100%, and from then on, you can vary it to your preferred value as you play.

  • FULLFORCE: FORCE FEEDBACK 2.0 FOR DIRECT DRIVE: FullForce is built with the FANATEC® Direct Drive – A completely new direct drive technology in a force feedback wheel. FullResponse, with direct drive technology and the possibility to generate high-frequency vibrations, makes it the most immersive experience in sim racing. That’s everything in there: every little detail of the road surface, every little change of variation of the engine sound. It’s only with FullForce that you actually get the total drive inside a racing car. Note that this feature is not yet implemented.

  • Natural Damper (NDP): NDP lets choose your setting of the damper, ranging from a full 100% to completely OFF. The higher setting increases damping force during steering while turned OFF, making your wheel less sensitive and helping in reducing unnecessary wheel movements.

  • Natural Friction (NFR): NFR enhances the mechanical steering feel of a car. It turns the wheel harder but is helpful to damp-wheel oscillations, especially for vehicles not fitted with power assistance.

  • Natural Inertia (NIN): NIN adds more weight to the steering axis, which is especially beneficial for lighter wheels like P1 or the McLaren GT3. Hence NFR feels a lot less sticky when changing directions, though they work independently of each other.

  • Force Feedback Interpolation (INT): Increasing INT helps to smooth out rough sensations from the game’s FFB signals and, in turn, gives a better refresh rate. This can be set to OFF for raw force feedback or adjusted between 1 to 20 for a smoother interpolation.

  • Force Effect Intensity (FEI): The FEI allows you to change the ‘sharpness’ or ‘softness’ of the wheel’s force feedback effects. A higher level of FEI is, therefore, going to tone down the bite of these effects, bringing them in line with the wheel for the way you drive.

  • Force (FOR): FOR simply directs the wheel in a certain direction. It’s best left at 100% as you work on the other settings of the game.

  • Spring (SPR): SPR enables the wheel to spring back to its original position. However, its impact is minimal in GT7.

  • Damper (DPR): The DPR settings do produce some extra friction and add slightly more mass to the feel of the car. It is highly not recommended to use high settings in these, as the DPR and NDP work independently of each other, and DPR doesn’t do much in GT7.

Install FanaLab and add profiles

Install Fanalab from website: FanaLab

You then download Maurice profiles to get the FFB settings for each game and each car. You can adjust according to personal preference.

You can also have a look at Why Wheel Size Matter article. 

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