GT OMEGA PRIME Cockpit REVIEW: The Ultimate Racing Simulator Setup




GT Omega PRIME: Robust, adaptable racing cockpit. Premium materials, but requires careful adjustments. Compatible with most major manufacturers.

Quality of Materials 10
Price 8
Value 9
Design 9
User Experience 9
  • The GT Omega PRIME Cockpit is built with sturdy aluminum that makes it both strong and adaptable.
  • Design allows you to easily add upgrades and customize it.
  • Durable materials like thick aluminum and steel, this cockpit is built to last.
  • Manually moving the upright supports requires considerable effort, and achieving the optimal height settings can be challenging,
  • Care must be taken when handling the aluminum frame during adjustments or relocation to avoid scratching.
  • Ensure that bolts are sufficiently loosened to prevent contact between the frame and other components.


Extruded aluminum

The GT Omega PRIME Cockpit is a customizable racing cockpit that adapts to drivers of different sizes. It has a sturdy aluminum frame and a comfortable bucket seat that can be adjusted for an ideal fit. The pedals and wheel mount are also adjustable, allowing you to set up your cockpit to match your preferences. Additionally, the cockpit is designed to be compatible with future upgrades and attachments, ensuring it stays current with the latest sim racing trends.

Fully Adjustable and Modular

The cockpit boasts a robust steel frame built to endure demanding gaming sessions. It includes a cozy bucket seat that can be fine-tuned for optimal comfort. Furthermore, the pedals and wheel mount offer full adjustability, enabling you to tailor your setup precisely to your personal requirements.

Modern Design

Beyond its durability and customizable settings, the GT Omega Prime Cockpit boasts a sophisticated and stylish design that complements any gaming area. Its design appeals to both serious racers and casual gamers alike, making it an ideal choice for an engaging and enjoyable racing experience.

Materials Cockpit

The frame is constructed from extruded aluminum that has been anodized black to create an elegant and professional aesthetic. This material offers both durability and practicality. The unique frame design allows for precise customization of placement without compromising structural integrity. The aluminum profiles and mounting plates are engineered with exceptional thickness to ensure maximum stability.

Materials Seat


The installation was relatively quick, around 3 hours, especially because the contents of the three boxes were prepared beforehand. The rig measures approximately 140 centimeters long and 60 centimeters wide, thanks to two primary long rails and two cross-sections. The seat comes in a separate box and can be pre-configured with either the RS6, RS9, or XL RS racing seat.

You can choose to install your own seat, just make sure it fits the standard dimensions. The installation process involves connecting everything with right-angled brackets, bolts, and t-nut plates. These slide into the rails and are tightened from the inside with a bolt. This is how all the parts are attached, including the seat, regardless of whether right-angled brackets are used.

Modifications (be aware)

You can slide the vertical profiles along the rails, held in place by side plates. However, aligning the components can be challenging and requires significant force. It’s crucial to loosen the bolts sufficiently to prevent scratching the frame during movement. Pay meticulous attention during setup to ensure everything is in its intended position, check measurements carefully, and ensure proper leveling. Neglecting these details can make later adjustments difficult.


Generally, everything can be repositioned, including the seat rails. The seat can move back and forth on its rails. There’s a crossbar at the back that connects the sides, providing stability and a place to mount the seat rails. Additionally, an L-shaped bracket enhances adaptability and sturdiness for mounting accessories. Finally, there’s a thick metal plate with pre-drilled holes and patterns for components like shifters and handbrakes.


Although the dimension are around 60x 140 cm I would still recommend adding more space to each side and round the total space to 2.00 m2 or 100 x 200 cm. 


Strong, capable of withstanding any stresses and inputs coming from the wheel as well as your moving body without breaking a sweat and with almost little flex at all. Simple as that, the PRIME is named PRIME for a reason. Solid build with no flex what so ever. 

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