GT OMEGA PRIME vs PRIME Lite – Key Differences

GT OMEGA PRIME vs PRIME Lite - Key Differences




Extruded aluminum

The GT Omega PRIME Cockpit is a robust and versatile piece of equipment, but it is also somewhat heavy. On the other hand, PRIME Lite maintains its multiple profile storage slots despite its reduced capacity. For most of the sim racing community, the fact that PRIME Lite offers a pair of spots on both sides of the profile will be more than sufficient.

Fully Adjustable and Modular

Both the PRIME Lite Cockpit and the GT OMEGA PRIME Cockpit are constructed with a durable steel frame that is built to resist the rigors of longer and intense gaming sessions. Both of the cockpits have a sturdy design, which guarantees that they are able to withstand the intense force input from the racing wheels.  This provides both stability and longevity.

The GT Omega PRIME Lite is made of 80x40mm aluminum profiles, which make it both light and strong. The GT Omega PRIME, on the other hand, has larger 160x40mm aluminum profiles that make it more rigid and stable for a better racing experience.


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Aluminum Profiles

The framework is made of extruded aluminum, which has been anodized black for a more polished and expert appearance. This material is both sturdy and functional. This particular style of frame makes it possible to set everything precisely where you want it to be without affecting the frame’s strength or stability. Aluminum profiles are very thick as well as the mounting plates.


GT OMEGA Prime Lite


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GT OMEGA RS12 Simulator Seat

RS12 vs. XL RS


The installation process for both the GT Omega PRIME Lite and the GT Omega PRIME takes about 3 hours and is fairly quick. Before you start setting up, it’s helpful to prepare and organize the items in the three boxes that come with the kit. Even though there isn’t a big difference between PRIME Lite and PRIME, the PRIME version has heavier parts that make it more stable and rigid.

Both cockpits have about the same size, with a length of about 140 centimeters and a width of about 60 centimeters. Two main long rails and two cross-sections help make this small size possible. Buyers can choose to have their rig set up with either the RS6, RS9, RS12, or XL RS racing seat. These seats are shipped separately, each in its own box. This keeps them safe during shipping and makes it easier to put the cockpit together when it arrives. No matter which version you choose, both the GT Omega PRIME Lite and PRIME cockpits give you a realistic racing experience that fits your needs.


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Modifications (be aware)

The upright profiles can be moved back and forth because the side plates securely connect to the side rails. But it’s important to remember that getting the profiles to line up can be hard and often requires a lot of force to adjust. It’s important to loosen the bolts enough so that the frame doesn’t get damaged while you make adjustments. This makes sure that you don’t scratch the frame when you move the profiles and other parts are pressed against it.

During the assembly of the rig, it’s important to pay close attention to where each part goes, double-check the measurements, and make sure everything is level. If you don’t, you might have trouble if you need to make changes in the future. By being thorough and precise when setting up your racing simulator rig for the first time, you can reduce the chance of issues and make sure you have a smooth and enjoyable time with it.


Prime Wheel Mount

Prime Lite Wheel Mount

Most components of the racing rig, including the seat mounting rails, can be adjusted to suit individual preferences. The seat itself is designed to move backward and forward on its rails, providing a customized fit for each user. The rig’s structure is further strengthened by a cross-section that connects both sides, offering additional stability and allowing for the placement of seat cross rails.

The side L bracket plays a dual role in enhancing the rig’s sturdiness and facilitating the mounting of various accessories, such as shifters, handbrakes, keyboards, or cup holders. The thick metal plates come with pre-drilled holes and are compatible with high-quality peripherals like Fanatec GT DD PRO and Fanatec V3 pedals. 

In terms of wheel mounting, the PRIME wheel deck is heavier, allowing for a direct connection between the wheel and the plate. This feature ensures a more stable and secure mounting for the wheel. On the other hand, the PRIME Lite version does not offer a direct connection between the wheel base and the rig. This distinction is important to consider when choosing between the two cockpits, depending on the desired level of stability and customization. My personal experience is that the PRIME Lite wheel deck is harder to mount since it has multiple parts. I experienced no movement what so ever while playing. 

Prime Pedal Mount

PRIME Lite Pedal Mount


Although the dimension are around 60x 140 cm I would still recommend adding more space to each side and round the total space to 2.00 m2 or 100 x 200 cm. 

PRIME Dimensions


Price and Value

The GT OMEGA PRIME Cockpit is the more expensive option because it provides a higher level of comfort and more opportunities for customization. When compared to the PRIME Lite Cockpit, this naturally results in a higher price point for the product in question. The PRIME Lite Cockpit is an excellent option for individuals who are looking for a cheaper alternative that still provides a high level of quality and adjustability in their cockpit setup. Even though it lacks some of the bells and whistles of the PRIME Cockpit, the PRIME Lite still delivers an outstanding racing experience at a more wallet-friendly price.


Without the seat
  • 160x40mm aluminium profiles
  • Adjustable seating position
  • Pedal position fully adjustable


Without the seat
  • 80x40mm aluminium profiles
  • Adjustable seating position
  • Pedal position fully adjustable


Both the GT OMEGA PRIME Cockpit and the PRIME Lite Cockpit provide a fantastic experience when used in combination with a racing simulator. Your individual preferences and how much money you have available are the two primary considerations that should guide your decision. The GT OMEGA PRIME Cockpit is the best option for you if you’re looking for a high-end cockpit but comes at a higher price. The PRIME Lite Cockpit is an excellent alternative to consider, particularly in the event that you are looking for a more cost-effective choice that doesn’t compromise heavily on quality or personalization options. You can anticipate a gripping and thrilling racing experience no matter which cockpit you choose.

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