New MOZA R5 Bundle – Is it Worth It?

MOZA R5 Bundle

A few day ago MOZA released it’s first bundle – MOZA R5 Bundle. This new bundle includes MOZA DD R5 Wheel Base, ES Steering Wheel and a SR-P Lite Pedals. The whole bundle comes at the price of just 599.00 $. But is it worthy?

MOZA DD R5 Wheel Base

The first thing you should look for when it comes to bundle is the wheel base. With MOZA R5 Bundle comes MOZA DD R5 Wheel Base. It has a punchy 5.5Nm of torque, which is the weakest wheel base MOZA has to offer. But this is quite reasonable for a bundle. You can still feel everything the road has to give with the power of direct drive.

Aluminum alloy gives MOZA DD R5 Wheel Base a sleek look, with powerful durability and endurance. The base and the steering wheel are connected through a military-grade conductive slip ring with a life of 5 million revolutions. The unique patented design has extremely high stability and durability while achieving infinite high-speed rotation.

Using smart design techniques, the DD5 delivers maximum power with minimum volume and weight. Because of it’s price it allows a wider audience to get the best sim racing experience.

ES Steering Wheel

On top of MOZA DD R5 Wheel Base comes ES Steering Wheel. It’s made of aluminum alloy base and microfiber leather wheel material. MOZA’s all aluminum, quick release system allows for effortless changing of wheel rims. Whether you are rallying or racing in F1, you can swap wheels in mere seconds.

The gear shifter is also made of aluminum alloy so you should shift cleanly with ES Steering Wheel. 22 fully customizable buttons should allow you to make all of the on-board adjustments you need while racing.

The design and quality of ES Steering Wheel can’t match CS Racing Wheel and the other more expensive options from MOZA. However, ES Steering Wheel still looks good and it should be more the enough for starters. 


SR-P Lite Pedals

Finally, with MOZA R5 Bundle comes SR-P Lite Pedals. The design of SR-P Lite Pedals is similar to that of SR-P Pedals. But there is one big difference, the SR-P Lite Pedals are without a Load Cell. The fundamental flaw to that pedal technology is that brakes in a real car measures force applied rather than distance. Without a Load Cell technology, the pedals produce less accurate output.

There’s no word at present if these can be upgraded at a later date.

Like we mentioned before, the design of this pedals is similar to that of SR-P Pedals which is surely something positive. Pure, high-strength steel gives these pedals a rock-solid durability and feel.

Overall, MOZA R5 Bundle is great value for money. The strong suit of MOZA R5 bundle is the wheel base. It produces s 5.5Nm of torque and it’s matches FANATEC’S GRAN TURISMO DD PRO bundle. The steering wheel is also quite good and with the wheel base it should be one of the best budget racing wheel options. 

On the other side, the absence of Load Cell technology in the pedals is something to worry about. For example, on FANATEC’S GRAN TURISMO DD PRO you can upgrade to a Load Cell brake. Maybe this option will be available on MOZA R5 Bundle also and we’re all looking forward to that.

Let us know in the comment what do you think about MOZA R5 Bundle and will you consider buying it?