Nissan Unveils ‘Hyper Force’ EV with Polyphony Digital GUI

Nissan has unveiled a new gem in the world of electric vehicles (EVs) — the ‘Nissan Hyper Force.’ Revealed at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, the concept car is a representation of next-gen high-performance EV technology. The vehicle harmoniously combines ultimate driving pleasure with superior environmental performance and daily driving comfort.

In a remarkable collaboration, Nissan joined forces with Polyphony Digital, a renowned name associated with the iconic Gran Turismo gaming series, to develop the car’s Graphical User Interface (GUI). This collaboration has borne fruit in the form of a groundbreaking GUI that offers a customizable driving experience. Drivers have the option to toggle between a high-performance Racing (R) mode and a Grand Touring (GT) mode that ensures a smooth and pleasurable drive. The color and display of the instrument panel are intuitively adjusted based on the selected driving mode, enhancing user engagement and driving satisfaction.

The partnership between Nissan and Polyphony Digital is not new. They have been working hand-in-hand since the early days of the Gran Turismo series, continuously pushing the boundaries of automotive technology and design. Their mutual history and successful collaboration promise further groundbreaking advancements in automotive technology.

Nissan’s Hyper Force concept car symbolizes the cutting-edge progression of EVs, embodying a futuristic design integrated with innovative technology. The vehicle will be showcased at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, amidst other impressive Nissan concept cars and special editions celebrating Nissan’s 90th anniversary.

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